11.03.15 – R introduction for Statistics

Topic: R Language for Statistics
Speaker: Christian Mladenov – Intuitics

Time: Wednesday, Mar 11, 19:00
Place: Eleven Startup Accelerator – 4 Gurko Str., 2nd floor

R is an open-source statistical programming language. In the last couple of years it transcended its academic origins and quickly grew in usage to claim second place, behind SAS. It is used by a lot of large and innovative companies, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon. With the explosion of data science and the multitude of initiatives around R, it is poised to grow even faster. According to a recent survey, R is the highest paid programming language.

Christian started with the history and the current state of R. He showcased the fundamentals of the programming language and next he outlined the amazing ecosystem surrounding R that includes more than 6000 packages, multiple editors and graphical interfaces, facilities for reporting, interactive analysis, scalability, and visualizations. Chrsitian talked about R’s strengths and weaknesses related to competing packages (SAS, Matlab, SPSS, etc) and the initiatives to improve it. The session was focused on R’s core value – its abilities in extracting, transforming and analyzing data. Finally he held a practical demonstration – a data analysis project that was carried out live.

After the presentation we will head to a nearby bar for informal networking and beer. 

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