Launching regular meetups and update about topic selection

Data Science Society have decided to launch one new initiative and postpone the topic selection campaign.

Regular casual industry events are introduced, which should be organized on a weekly base. The idea is to have an opportunity for most of society members to see each other in informal way and share knowledge among them. Our agenda suggestion is that first 30 to 40 minutes should be for presenting a problem and respective solutions which were found, then discussions about next meeting and other issues. We should end the event with having a drink in the nearest bar or restaurant. It should look like a meetup with networking effect on a weekly base.

We didn’t receive enough volume of votes for the topic campaign, therefore we decided to withhold the campaign and initiate the process in late November or December. Based on the number of people who are currently aware of the Data Science society,we decided to focus on our regular meetings and start building some knowledge and awareness. Once there is enough popularity we will re-initiate the topic campaign.

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