How big data and business intelligence go hand in hand

Large volumes of data are created every single day which pertains to a wide range of uses. Statistics reveal that about 2.5 to 3 quintillion bytes of electronic data are created on a daily basis. Among these, about 90% of all data currently being used in the world has been effectively created within the last 2 years only.

Such data is gathered from different sources, such as posts to various social media sites, sensors used for gathering climate information, transaction records of purchases, digital videos and pictures as well as GPS signals from cell phones. Data like these are aptly described as big data.

Big Data with Business Intelligence

It has to be noted here that the term big data not only refers to the size of the data but also relates to the importance of the various types of collected data. The data that is collected from various sources can be used for making business processes more effective and agile. These data systems can also be used for resolving questions which can be used for resolving questions that were initially considered to be rather difficult to manage.

However, the truth is that for numerous organizations and enterprises the idea of handling “big data” can seem to be a critical challenge. For instance, they may need to decide at the onset about the sources from where they need to collect the data. They also need to come up with smart methods to translate such high amounts of dynamic and fast changing data so that they can be used in a constructive manner to aide business interests. It is also important to come up with methods for leveraging big data so that they can be used for supporting digital transformation strategy as well as vice versa.

Digital Transformation in BI

The digital transformation in business intelligence play a vital role so as to enhance your business capabilities among your competitors. It is important to use digital transformation as it has major importance in the sphere of business intelligence. It can help to accelerate business activities, competencies, processes and models for leveraging the opportunities and changes of digital technologies so that they overall impact can be utilized in a strategic manner.

Digital business transformation has been found to be an effective way to merge digital technology with the world of business. This also enables firms to stay active and competitive within the global environment.

When big data is used in the most productive manner, it can help in improving business opportunities and assist any software development company in India or worldwide to enhance their productivity on multiple levels. Due to this reason it is extremely important in the modern business world to come up with strategies to use big data for the betterment of business processes.

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