5 Organizations Using Data to Effect Lasting Change

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From hospital diagnoses, to presidential candidates’ campaign decisions, to play calling in professional football, it’s difficult to find an example of a successful business model that doesn’t have a solid focus on data analytics. In addition to businesses, non-profit organizations also need to have a solid “business” model to ensure they maximize their time and […]

Big Data & Marketing: Value, Problems, and Solutions

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The amount of consumer data that’s readily available nowadays is enormous. Turning this into large-scale analytics, or big data as it has become known, has endless business benefits. Our expert in the field, author Alex Lysak, believes it’s time for entrepreneurs to learn how to implement it into their business models. Improper use or focus in the wrong areas can lead to significant problems with big data analytics. 

How Big Data And Artificial Intelligence Work Together

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In today’s digital economy, both large and small organizations, as well as individuals, are relying on data for day-to-day functioning. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are popular technologies used to create insight for businesses. Artificial intelligence analyzes the massive sets of data, big data generated on the internet every day to give businesses vital information, including trends and consumption patterns required for their success.