HackConf 2015 Featuring Speakers from Data Science Society

We have great news! Two of our founding and most active members, Maria Mateva and Alexander Efremov, will be lecturers at the upcoming HackConf 2015 held on 19-20 September at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia! The event is completely free and the goal of the lecturers, among which are the co-founders of Telerik, is to motivate all the people who want to develop professionally in the IT field.

Alexander, who is an Associate Professor at the Technical University Sofia and a Senior Business Analyst at Experian, will speak about the importance of mathematics and data science in our world. Watch his introduction on Youtube!

Maria, who is a Software Engineer at Experian and a former teaching assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics in Sofia University, will follow up by focusing on the role and applicability of algorithms.

The potential audience of the event is beginner programmers, IT professionals, students, and enthusiasts from anywhere in Bulgaria.
HackConf has a very clear goal – to be a conference for motivation and direction for all who want to develop in the IT sector in Bulgaria –
Motivation is key and the organizers believe it is mostly missing in the IT industry.
Do people that study computer science and want to become programmers know why? Do they have the energy to go all the way from “a PHP web developer” to “a talent headhunted by Google and Facebook”?

According to the people behind the conference, the education in Bulgaria cannot answer these questions and their primary aim in organizing it is motivation and direction.

The topics at the conference will cover:

Programming and software development
Internet of Things & Hardware
Mathematics and Algorithms
Learning how to learn
Marketing and how to sell things that we use?
Open Source Technologies
Career development

The event is free but requires prior registration at Updates are published also on the Facebook page of the event.

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