#GlobalDatathon2018 another successful data science story!

The Global Datathon 2018

Between 28th and 30th September, 2018, the Data Science Society organized the second global online Datathon – a Data Science competition. The event was held online and on-site at the Sofia University and at the IT capital of India – Manipal. Within 48 hours, a total of 140 participants from 11 countries and few continents experimented with data only available internally in leading companies, and were advised by 30 world-renowned mentors and experts from Austria, India, Portugal, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia and Qatar.

The cases were within the area of IoT, FinTech, Retail and provided by leading companies (Telenor, Ontotext, Air-Sofia & Denkstatt (sponsored by Telelink), Kaufland, and NSI).

New Data Service?

Data Cloud services were used to develop the case solutions, and throughout the data marathon the participants also interacted through the digital platform of the Data Science Society, which the community has been developing for over three years to enable scientists from all over the world to work together, exchange knowledge and to improve perosnal skills in the field of data science.

The winners

Twenty-six teams submitted 22 unique solutions, of which the jury identified the 6 most interesting for the final. The live stream with presentations from the 6 finalist teams was watched live online by viewers from different parts of the world. The winner was the “CADS cradle” team from Malaysia. They won the jury with their work on the Kaufland case. You can read the whole analysis of the solution on the Datathon platform. Second place took the Bulgarian team “Midas”, which in 48 hours developed a very good solution for the case about the air pollution of Sofia. The audience prize went to Telenerds, which impressed participants and jury with an interesting approach to the case of Air Sofia, Denkstatt – Telelink.

Expand Your Domain

Data enthusiasts and experts have expanded their contacts in the field of Data Science and had the opportunity to form and work in teams with colleagues worldwide, which will also be the basis for future work on upcoming projects in the field. Almost one-third of the participants did not have a team formed before the start of the race and were officially assigned to a team using a matchmaking algorithm that took their skills and interests into account. At the Faculty of Economics of the Sofia University, the on-site participants not only worked hard, but also partied hard with the fun activities that the Data Science Society organized for them.

If you missed it…

If you missed the amazing challenge don’t feel too bad because you can still be up to date with the things that happened during the Datathon. I will reveal a secret…
You can watch all the materials that were produced during the Datathon at the Data Science Society Youtube page which includes Opening and Closing ceremony, finalists presentations, companies Q&A sessions and other interesting things.

You want to feel the spirit of the Datathon? Then you should check out the pictures of our Datathoners which gathered in Sofia, Bulgaria and for 3 days they didn’t only overcome all the data challenges that encountered, but they also did their best to finish the gigantic pizzas and to dry out the holy fountain also known as the beer corner. Check it out at the albums in Facebook here.

Probably you noticed that we had multiple solutions which were created by the teams under the guidance of our renown international mentors and industry experts. You can read all the solutions at the Data Science Platform. As well you can talk about the solutions or any other topics with the creators of the articles and the mentors on the Data Science Chat.

Last but not least there is LinkedIn where we share summaries of the most noticeable things that happened during the week or month.

The Society

The organisation behind the event, Data Science Society, is a volunteer community of experts in data mining, modeling and machine learning that have been promoting Data Science in the past 3 years. The goal of the community is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Data Science through a variety of initiatives. These include workshops, long-term projects with a practical focus on developing Machine Learning models and participating in international conferences.



All this would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors Receipt Bank, WorldQuant, Telelink и A Data Pro.

And of course our partners from Telenor, Ontotext, Kaufland, Denkstatt, NSI, Air, We Are Developers, DSC, Algebra University, Sofia University, Manipal Pro Learn, Manipal Academy of Higher Education,  Telerik Academy, Campus X, Data Science Conference 4.0,, The Center of Applied Data Science, SoftUni, United Partners, Puzl Coworking,, 365 Data Science, Atomic и SAP.

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