Global Datathon 2019 – Participants Instructions


Data Science Society fun

Dear participants, you rock 🙂

Please be open, friendly, fancy and collaborative.

We are not perfect but let’s learn together through the long way of Data Science. Here are some instrucions and guidelines which you can refer to.

Our objectives during the event are to have fun, learn, share and make friendships and meanwhile if you solve one of the cases is going to be great.



Register into the Datathon Platform

Complete your profile for matchmaking up to 11th April

Log into DSS platform

Read the presented case which you chose

Login into Data Chat

Speak between all of you

12.04.2019 – Friday – Opening

19:30 (BG Time zone) – Official opening – (Live streaming) at the locations

20:00 (BG Time zone) – Start forming a team

Fun, friendships and code time

13.04.2019 – Saturday – Fun day

13:00 (BG Time Zone) – Register the team

Fun, friendships and code time

14.04.2019 – Sunday – Stress day  

15:00 (BG time zone) – Secret testset released by DSS

18:00 (BG time zone) – Upload your final results at leaderboard and publish the article

19:30 (BG time zone) – Finalists announcement –  (Live Streaming)  Youtube channel

15.04 – Monday – Appraisal day

20:00(BG Time Zone) – Finalists upload their video, update article

16.04 – Tuesday – Celebration day

08:00 – 14:00 – Jurying, Finalists monitor your articles for questions from the jury

18:30 (BG Time zone) – Finals and closing ceremony   (Live Streaming)  Youtube channel

Team work Datathon


Register into the Datathon Platform
  • Register in Datathon website.
  • The link

The registration will go through e-mail confirmation.

Complete your profile for matchmaking up to 11 April
  • Fill-in your profile details
  • Complete your profile if you are alone and need a team.


Log into DSS platform
  • A confirmation email about the registration is received. Keep in mind that there might be a delay for receiving it or could be in the spam folder.
  • You can directly access the Log In from the page of the Global Datathon.
  • In case of issues please write an email to [email protected]

You should enter the platform via this page:

Read the presented cases

Read the presented cases from Datathon web page or menu Learn -> Cases and start studying the problem domain.

Login into Data Chat

Once again use the link from the menu Society -> Data.Chat to access it

or enter in your browser

Now comes the fun part! Join the Data.Chat and find your teammates there.

  • This is your place share, ask, learn be curious and polite, respect the others
  • The Data.Chat is the main place for online communication among the participants and experts. If you’re familiar with Slack, this one works very similarly. It is in essence Rocket Chat (help: Store: / Google Play) and it also has many cool and free features like Video or Audiochat, full customization, etc.
  • If you want to install the Rocket Chat application on your mobile, you must be logged into the DSS platform first.
  • We use English.
  • If you have any technical problems write in the #issues channel

Speak between all of you

There are several groups which we can recommend to join, use the search menu to find them:

  • #general – for general info
  • #announcements – read-only group for announcements from DSS
  • #issues – if there are problems also you can check Help -> FAQ menu on DSS site
  • #case_kaufland_april_2019, #case_sofia_air – these are the channels where the cases are going to be discussed with experts and among contestants
  • #nlp_text_mining, #ml, #sna, #cv, #ai, #bio_inf – other interesting areas of our platform
  • and the most important, you are free to set up your team group and start working in a private channel

These are your channels to find a buddy, speak, learn, share and ask for help not only for the Datathon.

If you are the leader of your group – creating the channel for your team is easy, just click on the sign (marked with red) next to the search.

To invite people in your channel write /invite @name and you will get auto suggestions.

Video and audio chat is conducted via direct messages in the group itself.

If you are a mentor or a society mentor let @denitsa know so he can add you into operational group #mentors-internal


12.04.2019 – Friday – It all starts 🙂


19:30 – The opening starts
  • We are starting at 19:30 BG time (Sofia)
  • Subscribe to our channel or follow the link for online streaming
  • The updated schedule is on the Global Datathon page.
  • Keep in mind that the times are in Bulgaria time zone (UTC +03:00).

13.04.2019 – Saturday – Fun day

13:00 (BG time) – Register the team
Post your team details in an article
      • Create a new article and add all team mates plus team name, case,  and experts. (the initiator of the article doesn’t need to include their name in the tags)
      • From the top menu click Profile ->then My Articles (below your avatar) -> then click New Article
      • Use a template to make your live easier  “Example of Team Article”.
      • Keep status Draft of your article and enrich it when you have something to add until Sunday then you need to publish it.
      • We recommend to use Data.Chat and create your team space there
      • Use Data.Cloud and our GitHub

It is fun and code time:
      • Use the channels ask questions, share your discoveries, help the others, share funny moments in #data_fun channel
      • You can use audio or video calls
      • Use Data.Cloud and start using Jupyter Notebook. Our preference is to use Data.Cloud all code is stored in github.
      • Use GITHUB and you can setup a project, teams and discussion if you wish to.
      • Please make a group picture or collage and share it 🙂
      • Have fun at the Datathon, make videos and share moments in the social media using #Datathon and #Datathon2019 hashtags
      • Fun sessions – expect surprises


14.04.2019 – Sunday –  Stress day:

17:00 (BG time)  – Upload your results and publish the article.
      • Use the leaderboard and upload your final results, you will not be ranked immediately, after the deadline you will see your team score.
      • Finalize your article, add link of your code of repo or import your jupyter notebook file plus the real content
19:00  – Finalists announcement.
      • 19:00 (BG time) Subscribe to our channel and watch the finalists announcement
      • The best teams with the highest ranking scores will go to the finals

The final 8 teams are going to be announced and they will have final push to prepare 3 min video presenting the fun, the team and what they learn together with their solution.

15.04.2019 – Monday – Appraisal day.

  • Peer review time – Vote below each masterpiece and provide your comments and feedback. Only the finalist will receive feedback from the jury, so we will appreciate to share your comments. We believe that sharing is caring  🙂
  • 20:00 (BG time) – Every finalists’ team to upload their 3 min video in the link provided by DSS and update their article. The jury vote will be based mainly on the content of the articles of the team, helped by the various scores.
  • The jury will provide you with feedback below your article, their names will be with distinguishing color.

16.04.2019 – Tuesday – Celebration day.

14:00 (BG time) – End of Jurying

The jury need to submit their rankings and provide feedback below each finalists’ team article .

18:30(BG time) – Da Final starts 
      • Subscribe to our channel and watch the winners announcement
      • The team with the best collective rank wins.
      • Awarding the winners

Join into the party, share pictures, celebrate together with us, use social media channels, stream your location. Grab a beer and be together with us 🙂


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