Data Talk & Beer: Powered by data at VMware

Empower Enterprise with Data

Empower Enterprise with Data

It is time to have a nice talk about data science powered by a couple of beers.

DATA Talk & Beer held by VMware Bulgaria

• on 7th Dec 2016, 19:00

• at VMWare coffee shop


Do you believe that data can empower a business enterprise, allow for better decisions, quicker actions? Making sense of the data can even help you…save electric power.
Join our next event from the Data Talk & Beer Series! This time we are teaming up with one of the global leaders in virtualization and business mobility – VMware.
Meet two exciting experts who will outlay the key principles of managing information in a data-driven company and will showcase a practical solution of harnessing data to save computational power and increase organizational efficiency.

Case 1: “Empowering the Enterprise with Information”

Anoop Lalla VMware

Learn how information is successfully managed in a data-driven company in order to allow decision making at the speed of business.

Understand the key pillars in an BI organization designed to lead data management, BI & reporting and predictive analysis.

About the speaker:

Anoop Lalla has extensive experience with Enterprise Information Management solutions spanning more than 20 years. In his current role at VMware, he heads the Information Automation and the Innovation team.

Prior to VMware Anoop was the Vice President for Business Intelligence and Data Services at GENPACT.

Case 2: “Understanding power consumption in data centers”

Vesselin Arnaudov VMware

With cloud technology, businesses going digital, and exponential increase in the number of connected “things”, the need for computational power is increasing, and so does the electrical energy demand for data centers. In 2014, US data centers consumed about 70 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity which is the equivalent to the amount consumed by about 6.4 million average American homes that year. Learn how data science, machine learning, and statistics could help you understand power consumption and identify or reduce waste in data centers.

About the speaker:

Vesselin Arnaudov is Advance Development Lead in VMware R&D Center Bulgaria. He has more than 10 years experience in development, also Bachelor degree of Computer science in Brown University – United States. He and his team are focused on researching various forward looking topics in the area of virtualization and data center automation. 

The places are limited please secure yours at Eventbrite.

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