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Datathon Article Template


Your case-study  should follow the logic of the CRISP-DM Methodology (see also here). It is expected that for the *Deployment* part you would only propose some ideas, or visualizations.*

You should aim at writing it so that it is understood as a stand alone text. So include anything vital for understanding the case and understanding your solution. You should include images, files, code, and/or links.

Some example articles, using CRISP-DM: example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4

To start writing the paper make a New Article, copy/paste the structure from the current document and set an informative title which should include the name of the case (i.e the problem you are solving) and it should also include a name for your general approach.

Alternatively you may format the article in a Jupyter Notebook and import it here.

Business Understanding


Data Understanding


Data Preparation






*Deployment – optional



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