Data Talks Workshop: Higher education in Bulgaria

When: April 8, 2016, 19.00 pm
WhereBetahaus – 58 Krum Popov Str, 1421 Sofia, Bulgaria
Free tickets available: via Eventbrite

In 2014 there were 290 000 university students in Bulgaria according to statistics by the Ministry of Education and Science, who took classes in 82 universities and colleges around the country. The numbers are talking – you can easily check with are the biggest universities or those who offer the widest array of programs.
Our data science experts worked with over 35,000 publicly available data records to search for answers to the more interesting questions –

Which universities are growing the fasters?

What trends can be spotted for the different professional fields?

What is the general direction higher education in Bulgaria is taking?

Come visit the Data Science Society workshop on the 8th of April at Betahaus, where we will present the data and the directions our research has taken. Let’s try to find together the answer about higher education that we are all looking for.

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