Data Science Society 2018 Recap and What to expect in 2019?

Data Science Society

It’s the time of the year we sit down and make those New Year’s resolutions thinking of our past and dreaming about our feature. Frankly speaking – what a great year was 2018 for our Data Science Society!

To be honest, for us 2018 was the most successful year of all so far and we are really excited how far beyond our dreams we achieved in the past year. Let’s remember the journey we shared with some with you over the past 12 months and aim to make 2019 even better!

Data Cases and Challenges

We did it! It was a year of Meetups, Datathons, Monthly Challenges, Data Science Classes, Workshops, and many other data discussions and projects. We are so happy that we managed to accomplish our goals for going global. Everything we did in 2019 was in the direction of opening our community even more for new opportunities and listening to your ideas. Because of our collaborative work together with the members the community thrived and reached over 2 000 people around the world connected by the curiosity about data science.

P.S. You can continue learning in 2019 by picking a data case from here.


To develop a community is not the easiest thing, especially a data science network of people willing to share their experience and knowledge. We are really thankful how lucky we are to work alongside with some of the greatest data scientists out there and for the next year we wish ourselves our network of data gurus to grow exponentially.

experts-data-science-societyWe want to thank the people who shared their knowledge with us this year. Our experts – Petar Nikolov, Preslav Nakov, Tomislav Krizan, Liad Magen, Pavel Nikolov, Nishant Chandra, Antoan Milkov, Svetlin Penkov, Bernhard Ortner, Yasen Kiprov, Marko Velic, Mladen Savov, Anton Petrov, Anton Nenov, Leo Mrsic, Vladislav Dramaliev, Georgi Mitov, Metodi Nikolov, Blagovest Belev, Milen Chechev, Nor Liyana Bt Mohd Shuib, Kostadin Bashev, Ekaterina Marinova, Ivan Paspaldzhiev, Abdullatif Shikfa, Galina Ilieva, Hoo Wai Lam, Yordan Darakchiev, Angelin Lalev, Muhammad Reza Bin Z’aba, Hrvoje Jerkovic, Emanuil Mihaylov, Veliko Minkov, Laura Tolosi Halacheva, Anit Bhandari, Jan Sauer, Laleh Asadzadeh, Premkumar Chandra Shegaran, Lars Martens, Gloria Hristova, Thomas Roca, Jan Benedikt Jagush, Miguel de Castro Neto, Mohan Silaparasetty, Simon Stiebellehner, Subhabaha Pal, Boryana Bogdanova, Shashank Shekhar, Aleksandar Efremov, Angel Marchev, Giovanni da San Marino, Viktor Senderov, Alberto Barron-Cedeno …

And many others who helped us along the journey – Thank you!

The Companies who believed in us

Only when the business recognizes the need for new ways of education, the revolution can happen. Especially in the field of data science, it is extremely important to have practical experience which is possible when exposed to real business cases. During the year we gave our best to collect such practical challenges for the people to experiment and to learn with and this is the result:

Over 600 people had the chance to learn, solving real business cases with the mentorship and the guidance of companies’ industry experts and society’s experts. This was possible because of data-driven companies such as WorldQuant, Receipt Bank, Telelink, SAP, VMWare, Ontotext, A Data Pro, Microsoft, IBM, Telenor, Kaufland, ZenCodeo and organizations like AirSofia.Info and iGEM Bulgaria.


Alone we can do so little … together we can do so much. We proved it! Through the hard work of developing our network of people to partner with, we achieved so much more!

This year was so successful for us because we partner not only with local communities and universities but also with media, organizations with causes and individuals who believe in the power of data. Among our closest friends is the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration with whom we did the first Monthly Challenge and many other initiatives. Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Malaya University who were our first global partnering institutions to believe in us.  The teams of Software University, Telerik Academy and who helped us reaching even more young enthusiasts in Bulgaria. Data Science Conference, 365 Data Science, Data Science Croatia and We are developers for their partnership for promoting the Data Science domain globally. We want to thank our hosts from, Puzl, Soho and Sofia Lab for their hospitality for our Meetups. And of course our media partners from TV Europe, Bloomberg, BNR, United Partners, Nova Broadcasting Group, Capital and many more who we thank for the support!


And last but not least we want to thank our incredible volunteers who helped us achieve so much more this year! Without their help, we could not be able to reach so many people and develop so fast.

The people who stay behind the success story are Velimira Velkova, Vladimir Labov, Stephen Panev, Svetoslav Vaksevski, Petya Nikolova, Petar Nikolov, Angel Marchev, Desislava Nikolova, Alexandar Goida, Mila Gencheva and many others who join the community and put their time, effort and dedication to make Data Science Society stronger and more successful!

Some more things to be proud of:

  • We found a home switching from our cloud-based headquarters to having a physical address in Sofia’s downtown in the lovely building of MOVE.BG.
  • Our platform was launched and can you imagine? We are already 2000 people there!
  • We played table football… a lot! You can try us next time at a Meetup 😉

  • There were lots of beer kegs drunk by the boys and Costa coffee by the girls
  • We had a Retreat to the mountains without WiFi but with kids, families and yummy barbeque.

  • We didn’t put any weight after the pizzas we ate during the year
  • We watched the FIFA World Cup on a big screen together

  • Wow, our Data.Chat has more than 60 000 messages for this year…

… Do you imagine what will happen next year?


#HackNews Datathon

The biggest thing for us next year is our #HackNews Datathon. If you haven’t read the full case yet, hurry up – it’s uploaded and you can participate by registering at latest before the 21st of January!

NERD UP with us!

If you are in Sofia and want to start putting your theory knowledge in practice, there will be soon an opportunity! Get ready because on 16th of January we will gather to form study groups and start learning data science through practice on a regular basis. Soon the time and the place will be announced!


Global virtual Data Meetups

2019 will be a year of even more projects in collaboration on a global basis. We will start answering even more to your preferences for data science topics by finding the best lecturers among our partnering communities to present the topics. Stay tuned for more details and subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss a Meetup!

We always believe that together we can achieve great things and many interesting projects in the area of Data Science! We wish you to be healthy, brave, happy and curious about what is next!

May the data be with you in 2019 as well – Happy New Year!

Data Science Society


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