CASE Kaufland, TEAM “Data Abusement Squad”

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Case Kaufland¶ On 22.01.2018 Amazon opened Amazon Go – their first ever physical store without cashiers and checkout lines – customers just grab the products from the shelves and go. AI algorithms detect what product you have grabbed. Kaufland offers the unique opportunity to work with their internal data on a similar problem – developing […]


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This paper presents a DNN-based approach to learn entities relations from distant-labeled free text. The proposed approach presents task-specific data cleaning, which despite effective in removing textual noise is preserving semantics necessary for the training process. The cleaned-up dataset is then used to build a number of bLSTM attention-based DNN models, hyper-tuned using recall as an optimization objective. The resulting models are then joined into an ensemble that deliver our best result


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About¶Entry: Data Science society Datathlon 2018 Case: SAP Case Dataset: available here Authors: Hristo Piyankov ( Notes: not all caclulations and graphs are carried out in python, due to time constraints Business understanding¶ Goal of the study is to udnerstand drivers behind sales up-lift with relation to the company’s own pricing strategies, promostions and competitors.’Identify […]