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You have often heard the names of many successful companies. Do you ever think how did these companies bring themselves in the list of top companies in the market? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to run a business successfully. It needs a lot of hard work. More than the hard work, it needs coordination with the team or employees. Many people think to initiate a startup, many of them get success in their work. So, the next question that arises is, what are the things or basic strategies that should be followed to run the business effectively and productively? The answer which would be sufficient for all of these questions is data science. This is the basic requirement for running a business successfully. As its name indicates, analysis of the business. In data science, the analysis of the data is done, new strategies are made for accomplishing new targets, the analysis of the customer’s data is done and it thinks about new features and policies to keep the customers interested in their organization or trade. So, after understanding the meaning of data science, it is necessary to understand that data science is the combination of all the techniques which are mandatory for the success of the business. Click here to know more about data science course

TYPES OF data science

Here, we discuss the meaning of data science and the importance of the same. The data is analyzed in different ways. If you are an executive of a company, then, no doubt, you would have the data of the customer. That data would be in an ample amount. The next thing is the data which is collected from the client is of different types. Then these different types of data require different types of analyses. Here are some types of analyses →

  • Decision analysis
  • Predictive analysis
  • Descriptive analysis
  • Prescriptive analysis


Decision analysis is a type of analytics, which is used in right decision making. There are various techniques, methods, and tools which are used by the decision analysis. The decision analysis is done visually. This would be clear if we cite an example of a supermarket. Suppose, there is an organization that wishes to construct a supermarket in an area. Then, before construction, the executive or the employees of the organization would inspect that particular area, how much traffic is there generally in the off days of the week, how is the land, if there is any other supermarket nearby? There are many factors that need to be inspected before construction. So, all these problems are put into a decision analysis program that would suggest the right decisions. In this way, decision analysis is used for making decisions.


If you wish to initiate your startup, then you should follow data science for sure. There is a proper course available for data science, which should be learned by the students who wish to make their career in marketing. Data science is a very vast technique. It should be learned in a proper way. For more information, click here → a data science course.

Click here to know more about data science course

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