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What are some good online courses for an introduction to data science?

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The field of data science is undergoing a revolution daily. This industry is evolving at a rapid pace. More and more organizations are implementing data science to gather a competitive advantage.

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Intelligent platforms, cloud and automation have already started reshaping the field of data science. We are witnessing incredibly fast and disruptive innovation. The challenges that data science is facing today is not technology related. It is related to adapting to these constant changes.  

Many small and quick steps

Machines have started taking over repetitive tasks. With more advancement and better innovation, we can expect more analytical work and less busywork.

Machines are becoming smart enough to select data sources, correct data errors and even maintain themselves with the least human interaction. We are witnessing new horizons in the augmented analysis.

Data science has made work faster and more efficient. Analytics projects which used to take months to complete are now completed within weeks and even days.

For humans, it is easier to perform analytical tasks that need reasoning and logic. We humans get bored with performing repetitive tasks and this can affect efficiency. So it is best to allow machines to do repetitive tasks.

On-demand and Flexible Architecture

data science can be used to bring stability to modern data chaos. It can be used in data catalogues, data visualization, data pipeline, and analytics technologies.

There is a need to shift the traditional data analysis system which was rigid to flexible, nimble, on-demand cloud systems. This way we can make the most of the data. 

data science is widely used in cloud services, data lakes, Internet of Things (IoT), Lambda, ingestion hubs, streams and microservices. 

Another innovation in the field of data science is the speed with which it can deal with data. Projects that used to take months to complete can now be completed within weeks and even days. 

In this digital world, the need for speed and accuracy cannot be undermined. In the case of bots, you can instantly get answers to your queries. There is no need to email the organization and wait for days before you get one reply.

Predictive analysis is another great achievement. You can now use the present data to predict the future result. Isn’t this amazing! Historical data is used to predict the weather tomorrow. Predictive analysis can help you avoid historical mistakes. 

The Bottom Line

While no one can take the place of humans, but we are experiencing a radical change like work humans need to perform. We are in an age where the analytical skills of humans are more important than repetitive skills.

Moreover, repetitive tasks make us boring and inefficient. It is better if we use machines to perform these tasks while we work to make machines more humane. It is important to move towards Artificial General Intelligence where humans and robots can work together to make this world a beautiful place.

The last decade has experienced rapid advancement in the field of data science and this trend is showing no sign of stopping anywhere sooner. If you want to be a part of this rapidly changing world join our course in data science. 


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