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During the last 7 months Data Science Society progressed a lot. We organized more than 10 meetups with average attendance of 80 people, we’ve got over 160 registered users on our website and more than 400 different people attended our events. During the meetups our experts covered a large variety of topics – from Computer Vision to Semantics and NLP, Analytics, Machine Learning and others.

We received tons of positive and constructive feedback and we already have a more clear roadmap for the months to come. It is time for Data Science Society to make the next step and expand into new activities besides meetups in order to promote closer collaboration between experts. We’ve got an action plan to organize a number of hackathons and workshops, to participate in conferences and to set up project-based teams for shorter and longer term data science initiatives.

Currently there is a diverse team engaged in the DSS activities with senior expertise in data analysis, development, research, marketing and design. Now we want to involve a growing number of people in upcoming projects so we can stimulate and facilitate better collaboration, knowledge sharing and learning within the data science sector.

To make this happen we are raising a hand for followers, supporters and volunteers – everybody who is willing to share and learn is welcome in our ranks! We are looking for both technical guys and people who can coordinate and support projects. To become part of Data Science Society you just need to fill in our supporter survey and tell us how you can help!

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