Datathon NSI Solution – Predicting Household Budgets

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Predicting Houshold Budgets¶Authors: SoRd1, Jack, pr0faka, Kolio¶Team: Pigeons¶ Statistics is the painful elaboration of the obvious. Hello everyone 🙂 We all hope that you had a great time during the Datathon, because we did. We are working on the case from NSI – to predict the household expenditures per group for the years in which […]

A venture in crypto-currency trading

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In [315]: import numpy as np import pandas as pd import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from statsmodels.tsa.seasonal import seasonal_decompose from statsmodels.tsa.arima_model import ARIMA from import plot_acf, plot_pacf import time Enthusiast Team: Datathon Case¶Predicting Cryptocurrency prices¶Reading the Currencies for the First Problem¶ In [88]: currency_info = pd.read_csv(“currencies.txt”, sep = “\t”) currency_info Out[88]: Currency ticker CoinID 0 Bitcoin BTC […]