6 thoughts on “A venture in crypto-currency trading

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    Hi team :), Good work!!!
    You are right that the issue with missings should be solved in a better way (but not replacing with last known value). If there is one or a few neighbour missings, we may replace them without distorting the data, but in the case of long missing interval, Instead of replacement, we may use the data sets separately… There are ways to concatenate data from different data sets even when build dynamic models…

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    You have done an excellent job. You needed a little more effort to go into solving level 2. You needed just to implement stepwise trading logic, based on buy and sell signals (based on your forecasts for one time step ahead

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    From DataChat:
    “A big applause to *SOFTUNI TEAM* and *BACKPROPAGANDA* who amazed the audience with their dedication, skills and creativity! ”

    SoftUni team:
    MENTOR:Yordan Darakchiev

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