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data_read NFT_Hackathon_RarityScore Approach to the task. Steps 1. Tweet Data Reviewing the sales data, we saw outliers in some of the collections in count of transactions. The problem was solved after the deletion of zero value transactions. Checking the correlation between the sum of the retweets (daily sum, cumulative sum, cumulative rolling sum) and the […]

Monthly Challenge – Ontotext case – Solution – Team epistemi

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Week 1. Data Understanding + Feature Extraction We have been provided with a dataset consisting of 277419 records, which are extracted from DBpedia. It has 6 features and 1 label of 32 classes as summarised in below table: ID Item Name Item Type Observations 1 org Feature URL; may be useful for extraction of additional […]

Monthly Challenge – Ontotext – Case

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Monthly Challenge: https://www.datasciencesociety.net/events/text-mining-data-science-monthly-challenge/ Mentors’ Weekly Instructions: https://www.datasciencesociety.net/text-mining-data-science-monthly-challenge/ Real Business Problem Classification of companies into industry sectors is a fundamental task for unlocking advanced business intelligence capabilities. However different data sources rarely use the same classification system if any. This is a huge obstacle for taking advantage of the available details in Open Data and very niche commercial […]

Monthly Challenge – Sofia Air – Solution – [iseveryonehigh]

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I have just begun my machine learning course from Andrew Ng at Coursera so I thought that this challenge would be a good test of my learnings. I apologise for the delay for article writing as I was not sure if I should have taken this challenge or not since the dataset seemed difficult to […]

Monthly Challenge – Sofia Air – Solution – Kung Fu Panda

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1. Business Understanding The air quality in Sofia, Bulgaria, has been a problem for some time already. The population of the city is constantly increasing and this brings more traffic on the streets. The car ownership in Sofia is among the highest in Europe with around 600 cars per 1000 citizens. Another huge issue in […]