DSS Covid-19 Online Challenge

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Data Science Society starts a community-directed cause: Covid19 Online Challenge. The challenge is to use data science for better decision making with this (or any future pandemic). Natuarally the challenge includes developers, data scientists and domain experts. Covid-19 pandemic could be sliced in various aspects and therefore has enough challenges for all participants. Problem statement: […]

Datathon2020 – Predicting weather disruption of public transport – provided by Ernst and Young

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Data Use Case Introduction Climate change is projected to increase the frequency and intensity of some extreme weather events which is likely to damage transportation infrastructure and cause a disruption in the public transport and increase the risk of delays and failure due to storm, flooding and higher temperatures affecting the reliability and capacity of […]

Monthly Challenge – Ontotext – Case

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Monthly Challenge: https://www.datasciencesociety.net/events/text-mining-data-science-monthly-challenge/ Mentors’ Weekly Instructions: https://www.datasciencesociety.net/text-mining-data-science-monthly-challenge/ Real Business Problem Classification of companies into industry sectors is a fundamental task for unlocking advanced business intelligence capabilities. However different data sources rarely use the same classification system if any. This is a huge obstacle for taking advantage of the available details in Open Data and very niche commercial […]