Datathon – HackNews – Solution – The Blind Scientists

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Introduction to NLP
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the field of computer science that is concerned with developing algorithms for analysis of human languages. Artificial Intelligence approaches( eg. Machine Learning) have been used for solving many tasks of NLP such as parsing, POS tagging, Named Entity Recognition, word sense disambiguation, document classification, machine translation, textual entailment, question answering, summarization, etc. Natural languages are notoriously difficult to understand and model by machines mostly because of ambiguity (eg. humor, sarcasm, puns), lack of clear structure, diversity (eg. models for English are not directly applicable to Chinese). Even so, in recent years we’re witnessing rapid progress in the field of NLP, due to deep learning models, which are becoming more and more complex and able to capture subtleties of human languages.

Datathon – HackNews – Solution – TruthFinders

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Team Members Tariq Alhindi ([email protected]) Christopher Hidey ([email protected]) Tuhin Chakrabarty ([email protected])   Business Understanding Automatic Detection of propaganda is essential to build tools that can assist people to navigate the web with more awareness of deliberate or indeliberate messages of what they read.   Data Understanding 50000 articles for task 1 21000 sentences for task 2   Data Preparation […]

Datathon – HackNews – Solution – marmot

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dina zaychik, dzay, [email protected] Sergey Sedov, Sianur, [email protected] Task 1. The hypothesis is that propaganda/non-propaganda on article level could be detected using distributional semantics features. That’s why we performed thorough preprocessing, removing urls, hashtags, unusual symbols, unusual articles beginnings, non-English first paragraphs (using langid open package), short texts. After that we trained fasttext supervised model (the […]

Datathon – HackNews – Solution – StepUp

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Team has considered following properties of data for coming up with the solution:

Repetition of text.
Length of words
Lexical analysis of words
frequency of words
trigrams and bigrams of words
Sentiments conveyed by the
Word lemmatization
The main modeling which included in 

LSTM – Long short term memory with embedding from fasttext. 

Datathon – HackNews – Solution – DR

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This work proposes the solution of HackTheNewsHackathon tasks. As the main problem binary classification for two classes “propaganda” and “non-propaganda” was chosen. This problem would be solved using open-source library DeepPavlov using ensemble of several different models, including sklearn models, shallow-and-wide convolutional model, attention bidirectional LSTM and GRU models and capsule networks.

Datathon – HackNews – Solution – Team: UoM-NLP

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Business Understanding Fake news is a massive problem for the multiple industries and government that needs to be addressed in a more automated format.  Providing an automated method to examine text and classify it as fake or propaganda can help reduce the effect of fake news. It is easier said than done though as even […]