7th of December – Big Data and Astroinformatics

ON 7th of December at 14:00h at BAS IMI hall 403 Institute of Mathematics and Informatics,

Astroinformatics is a new field which connects astronomy, information technology and computer science. Astronomy is currently in transition from data scarce to data intensive science. New trans disciplinary COST action TD1403 Big data in Sky and Earth Observations started in January 2015. Our goal is to bring together astronomers, geophysicists and computer scientists and exchange experience and collaborate especially in data mining, database structure, visualization and education and outreach. Two projects are on the forefront of Big Data in astronomy – Square Kilometer Array(SKA) and Large Synoptic Survey Telescope(LSST). Using LSST as an example, The presenter will review several aspects from collecting data, moving them around, reducing and enabling them to be used in science. One problem what they face is that currently available codes are not scaling well when applied to large datasets. He will make few suggestions where additional effort is needed.

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