23.09.15 – Big Data at Internet of Things

Stanimir talked on his first-hand experience in developing systems that are actually responsible for producing, transmitting and collecting the data that everyone of us needs, uses and does (not) want to share.

Speaker: Stanimir Kabaivanov PhD, Associate Professor at the Plovdiv University, Head of Software Development at EUROS Bulgaria

Time: Wednesday, 23th of September

Place: Technical University, block N:2, floor 5, hall 2560 – Modelling laboratory “Experian”


1. Registration starts at 18:50

2. Data Science Update – 19:00

3. Presentation – 19:10

Abstract: IoT and Big Data turned into a common knowledge and a very frequently used buzzword. However the meaning that is put into these terms may vary significantly, depending on the context in which they are used and/or the area of expertise of the speaker.

This topic is important due to two reasons:

1) embedded systems as a term is getting more and more “blurred” which means that more and more systems and covered by it (so we need a clear cut here);

2) IoT and Big Data influence also the industry in way that triggers a revolution in the way goods are manufactured, distributed, marketed and even consumed;

Bio: Stanimir Kabaivanov has more than 15 years of domain experience. He combines science and business background as software developer, PhD in Finance, team leader and software designer of safety critical embedded systems. He has witnessed the revolution in CPU power, usage and penetration of both specialized and end-user systems that were once defined as “embedded” devices in nowadays considered as part of  our everyday life.

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