20.10 – Open seminar at IMI Bulgarian Academy of sciences

The day 20/10/2010 was the first to be officially announced by the UN and UNESCO as the world day of statistics. It was then decided that the role of statistics will be celebrated worldwide quinquennially.

For the forthcoming 20/10/2015 the department of probability and statistics at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI)  at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is organizing a seminar and a small convivial  at the premises of IMI. The former will be held in room 403 at IMI from 14:00 and the speaker will be Mladen Savov (IMI) who will be presenting the topic “Spectral theory of generalized Laguerre semigroups.” The content of the presentation, albeit introductory, will touch upon several modern areas of mathematics and will contain the current research of Pierre Patie (Cornell University) and Mladen Savov (IMI). It is therefore most suitable for mathematical audience but all people with interests in science might find it interesting to discover how the process of research actually happens and what topics and subjects are under scrutiny in contemporary probability theory. The convivial, with no clear programme and organization yet, as befits mathematicians, will take place at the ground floor in the canteen of IMI from 15:30. It will be a good opportunity for the interested parties to get in touch with some of the leading experts in statistics in Bulgaria and thus expand their network.

Everybody is warmly welcome to any of the events with the prior warning that there is a very tiny chance that some of them could run on first come first serve basis.

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