16.11 – Practical Talk – Image Processing – How to Easily Recognize Text from Challenging Images

Topic: Practical Talk – Image Processing – How to Easily Recognize Text from Challenging Images

Speaker: Ekaterina StambolievaSugarwise, Portugal

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Speaker bio: Ekaterina is the founder of Sugarwise, a young social business to improve people’s health. It is because of Sugarwise that Ekaterina got into Image Processing. She has worked on practical machine translation and is a huge machine learning enthusiast. She is a co-organizer of the Lisbon Open Data Meetup, and in her spare time loves to pass her practical knowledge forward and learn. She will gladly chat with anyone who is interested in tech, the future of tech and the business, and explore together how solutions to current social problems can be born.

Time: Monday, November 16, 19:00
Registration starts at 18:30
Venue: Tell Me Bar


The practical problem to which Ekaterina wants to find a solution is how to reliably read text from complex images. Open source OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engines have been trained to “read” the text from book page images or document images but perform poorly on complex images with no consistent light background. Thus Ekaterina decided to experiment and see how to prepare images in order for OCR engines, like Tesseract, to “read” what is written on the images. She has chosen to work with images of ingredient lists of food products, seen in all supermarkets around the globe, and will walk us through the process of finding a solution on how to reliably extract the text from these images.

The meetup will end with informal networking and beer at the bar.

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