Copy of 16.06.15 – Ontotext & DBpedia – Open and Linked Data Meetup

Ontotext and DBpedia (Germany), global leaders in semantic technologies, talked in Bulgaria about Open and Linked Data at an event hosted by Telerik, a Progress Company and organized and streamed by Data Science Society!

Topic: Open Data and Linked Data



Time: Tuesday, June 16, 19:00
Venue: Telerik Academy, Light Hall

For those of you who can’t make it to the venue, we will be streaming live on YouTube. If you happen to be in Varna or Burgas tomorrow there will be dedicated events streaming live in Beehive in Varna and Business Incubator Burgas.

Dimitris started with a presentation about recent developments in the Linked Data and knowledge graphs field. He shared his experience in bootstraping, creating and maintaining the Dutch DBpedia and his recent efforts as CTO at DBpedia Association. Vladimir talked about BG DBpeida diving deeper in ontology and issue mapping.

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