08.04.15 – Machine Learning for Music

Topic: Machine Learning for Music

Speaker: Petko Nikolov – HyperScience

Time: Wednesday, Apr 08, 19:00
Place: Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Hall 101

Music information Retrieval (MIR) is a vastly growing field these days due to the exploding popularity of streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and SoundCloud. At such scale detailed knowledge about your content is necessity. In this lecture we outlined the major tasks in MIR as genre and mood detection, artist classification, music similarity, and fingerprinting. Our main focus is on how Machine Learning and Deep Learning, as a recent trend, could be applied over the audio signal for tackling those problems.

After the presentation we will head to a nearby bar for informal networking and beer.

The second part is on our Youtube channel:

Machine Learning for Music Part 2

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