04.05.15 – Deep Learning for NLP

After a short spring break Data Science Society meets skill sharing @ betahaus with another talk by a SoundCloud alumnus.

Topic: Deep Learning for NLP

Speaker: Ivan Vergiliev

Resume: Ivan has a stunning track record at some of the hottest tech ventures around the globe. After earning a bronze medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics he interned at Google and Facebook. His professional experience includes Chaos Group and more recently SoundCloud, where he created recommendation engines. Lately Ivan is working with LeanPlum on mobile A/B testing.

Time: Monday, May 04, 19:00
Place: betahaus

Ivan shared some of his experience in applying deep learning to NLP problems. After a brief introduction to some standard NLP approaches, he explored how deep learning can help in this field. He focused on word embedding and discuss how ‘adding and substracting words’ can be turned into a phrase that actually makes sense. The talk ended with Q&A and informal networking and beer.

The presentation Deep Learning for NLP can be found in our slideshare channel.

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