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Datathon Telenor Solution – WRANGLING WITH DATA DROPS

This article proposes very tractable approach to modelling changes in regime .The parameters of Time & Date are viewed in the outcome for this analysis.
In the 21st century cell phones are the most commonly used and important wireless technology. Cell phones are so common that it can be seen in everyone’s hand doesn’t matter what age group that individual belongs to, whether that individual is old, young or teenager belonging to any terrain .India has a population of 1.32 billion and comprises of nearly 340 million cell phones. It is used for communication ,messaging , downloading and uploading data on the internet.
There are times when an user counter issues in communications like termination of call,data drop in between of communication, wrong connections, etc. which may have an impact on the overall experience of the network subscribers. The telecom service providers have to implement certain data management technology to improve their infrastructure to minimize the effect of call drop and data drop to provide quality services to their customers.
Nearly all signals contain energy at harmonic frequencies, in addition to the energy at the fundamental frequency. If all the energy in a signal is contained at the fundamental frequency, then that signal is a perfect sine wave. The telecommunication signals also contains many harmonics which are affected a lot because of semiconductor interfacing , physical or digital barriers.
Keywords- Data drop,Call drop


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    Team, please do provide process how you prepared data, build and evaluated model(s) for prediction. For any “scientific” article and for anybody who has access to data, whole process should be repetable, i.e. anyone should be able to take your code/work and get same end results. Also, focus of this case is “The main task is to predict the fails in the next four days (on both files).” which is clearly stated in case description, so please focus on adding this part of information into your article.

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