Why Organizations Should Use IBM Cognos for Smart Data Visualization

In the data-driven ecosystem, Data Visualization tools play a key role among enterprises. Since these tools assist all types of businesses to study data across multiple sources and uncover trends, patterns, and observations from them.

Executing Data Visualization with traditional tools or systems is highly inefficient, and susceptible to errors.  This is where smart Data Visualization tools come in! A smart visualization tool along with advanced Business Intelligence features can help users experience real-time visualizations and make informed business decisions. One such tool built by the IBM community is Cognos. With the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence tool, enterprises can use a range of connectors and modules for efficient visualization of data.

What is IBM Cognos BI?

As said before, Cognos is a smart and easy-to-implement BI tool that offers organizational agility to companies through consolidated dashboards. These dashboards connect every team and individual in the organization through data and analytics that are crucial for making quick and planned decisions. It easily allows business users (both technical and non-technical) to accomplish comprehensive reporting with greater levels of personalization and integrate multiple data sources.

In addition, importing enterprise data into the Cognos platform can be completed easily through an integrated migration tool that will guide users effectively throughout the transfer process. Cognos BI tool facilitates the integration of various external data sources including databases, warehouses, and social media sources to acquire the most accurate and latest insights or information. By deploying the Cognos BI tool within IT infrastructure, organizational leaders can discover previously disregarded trends and gain valuable insights that are manually more difficult to understand.

Key Functionalities of IBM Cognos BI Platform

  1. Drag-and-Drop Interface

With Cognos BI software implementation, experts or business analysts can have the ability to browse through powerful modules, test many advanced perceptions, and update promptly via its native drag-and-drop interface. This interface helps implement the integration of dimensions and filters, as well as the incorporation of outliers and values within reports. It’s also easy to discover patterns in data using innovative methods such as average lines, trend analysis, and grouping in Cognos.

  1. Quick Analysis and Processing

IBM’s Cognos Business Intelligence software is built to conduct fast and reliable processing of data existing on the on-premise set-ups or in the Cloud infrastructure. Cognos platform’s data connectors allow business users to perform seamless integration with any new technology or a range of data sources and formats. The obtainability of connectors helps in connecting data from multiple sources and then examines the information rapidly as per user queries, real-time statistics, and historical evidence collected from source systems.

  1. Additional Programming Languages Support

IT or Business experts can use programming languages like Python and C++ in Cognos to handle complex calculations and beat performance concerns. For instance, by using Python program packages, IT and data management experts can perform data cleansing processes and lessen the data errors that originate from their in-house analytics applications and systems. However, Python is an intuitive programming language supported by Cognos. Users can easily configure a link between the Cognos and Jupyter Notebook server so that users can write Python codes in Jupyter to accomplish logical or user functions to data within the Cognos platform.

  1. Mobile Support

By deploying the Cognos platform with the help of the recognized IBM Cognos consulting services provider, report generation can be easily performed and dashboards can be altered as per requirements. Cognos dashboards offer a standard reporting functionality that allows users to personalize visual elements, particularly for devices like laptops and smartphones.

Cognos’ developer community has launched the Mobile version for both iOS and Android platforms, which enhances report portability and enables users to visualize statistical outcomes any place, at any time. Cognos Mobile app version covers almost all the features offered by the desktop or an online version. Cognos BI mobile version app automatically analyzes from which device the user is trying to open the report and adapts as per resolution to ensure a smooth experience.

  1. Advanced Data Governance

Cognos BI platform delivers innovative data analysis and governance abilities. With typical BI tools, various organizational teams’ data gets siloed, and also the odds of data breaches are greater. Whereas, a smart BI tool like Cognos can help enterprises centralize all of their active in-house databases with external data sources like social data, consumer data, and former weather data within a particular data warehouse. This helps business departments across an enterprise access the same data concurrently.

  1. Real-Time Analytics

Cognos BI platform offers enterprises the means to access comprehensive information and gain a 360-degree outlook of their processes or operations. This feature offers administrative leaders the ability to boost business productivity by benchmarking results against the competition. In addition, with a holistic perspective, business leaders can discover and remodel areas of opportunity easily. Cognos BI helps organizations spend lesser effort on performing data analysis and congregating reports. Accordingly, experts can focus more on enhancing or building new products, services, or programs for their enterprises.

Summing Up

One of the effective means for enterprises to ensure that suitable efforts are made to provide reliable insights is through Data visualization. Consolidating large data sets and transforming them into unbiased reporting is significant for an enterprise’s growth. Certainly, Cognos is emerging in the domain of Business Intelligence. By associating with the best Cognos support team, organizations can leverage incredible techniques that can constructively exploit data.

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