Which institute is best for a data science course in Malaysia?

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According to Daniel Keys Moran, an American computer programmer and science fiction writer, “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” As business is data-driven and without data, no business can stand competition, hence, a course named Data science is being taught in many colleges as a specialization in Masters of Business Administration.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is the process of collecting, segregating, processing, and analyzing a huge amount of data in such a manner that new business plans and strategies for the growth and development of the business could be made. It uses a subset of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is based on the principle that human intelligence can be used in machines as well. In this, the data is segregated into different groups or sets, every set or group is studied to determine which set will prove to be an asset for the business and will produce the highest revenue.

Data Science course

Data Science course includes a detailed study of understanding the role and importance of Data Science in the modern and technology-friendly world and providing development and training for creating skills like descriptive, predictive, cognitive and prescriptive analytics in the students so that the students can easily understand the concepts and details of data and Data Science. Students are also trained to analyze the complexities of business through the use of various advanced statistical tools, which provides the students with the practical impartation of knowledge. This course has a vast theoretical field of study as well which includes various subjects like financial management and accounting, managerial economics, marketing management, research methods, the study of organizational behavior, strategic management, risk management, operation, and supply chain analysis and many other concepts in detail. All of this is studied so that all the complex business-related problems could be analyzed and solved in a short period by using a machine that has all the qualities of human intelligence in it. The program also helps in managing time and efforts as only the relevant data is used for tackling and solving a particular business-related problem and maintain data in a sorted manner. Mainly, the past performance is analyzed and corrective measures through the Data Science process are taken and then further strategies and plans are made keeping in view the future goals of the organization.

Hence, this course proves to an amazing mixture of data science, information technology, business intelligence, and computer science too, which makes this course a really interesting thing to study and is high in demand and offers various job profiles with high salary and continued growth of an individual in this respective field.

The Bottom Line

There has been a growing demand in the field of data science. There is a huge gap between demand and supply of Data Science. This gives them huge bargaining power. This is a developing field and it shows no sign of stopping.

So that was all about what is studied in the Data Science course. If you want to ride this change enroll in our Data Science course and make yourself future-ready.

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