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Which cloud database should you use?




The commercialization of data storage and computing time with the use of standardized technology is what cloud computing is about. Databases that operate on the cloud computing systems like snowflake, Salesforce, and  amazon EC2 are known as cloud databases. Users can manage cloud databases on their own within the cloud using one of 2 implementations: virtual machine images or acquiring access to the cloud databases providers’ database systems.

Since cloud databases have several advantages over traditional databases, traditional designs should occasionally be combined with cloud applications. Cloud applications, on the other hand, have been delivering a full solution for each and every client that needs a custom-built, high-performance database architecture managed and backed by MySQL-specialized engineers. Cloud databases are ideal for clients who want to work on developing their apps rather than worrying about infrastructure difficulties.

What is a Cloud Database?

A cloud database is a database service that is produced and accessible through the internet. This can perform most of the similar activities as a traditional relational database, yet with the extra strength of the cloud computing adaptability. To deploy the database, individuals install software on the cloud platform.

The important features of the cloud database are:

  • The database on the cloud platform can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Enables company clients in order to implement databases without any need for buying that particular hardware.
  • It can be controlled and manipulated or it could be offered as a service as well as controlled by the supplier.
  • Endorses both the  relational as well as non-relational databases such as  MySQL and PostgreSQL .
  • Accessed through an API or the web interface by the supplier.

Why does one choose Cloud Databases?

  • Accessibility:Using a vendor’s API via web interface, users can access cloud databases from nearly anywhere.
  • Scalability:Cloud databases may scale up their storage space in real time to meet shifting demands. Organizations just pay for the services that they actually use.
  • Recovering from a disaster:Backup systems on cloud computers keep data safe in the case of a natural disaster, equipment failure, or power failure.

There are many cloud databases in the global market. Snowflake is one of the important cloud database platforms which is gaining popularity day by day.It comes with capabilities like computing and storage isolation, on-the-fly scalable compute, data sharing, data cloning, and third-party tool compatibility out of box.It helps with data integration, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and safety and control, among other things.However, in order to gain deep understanding taking up the Snowflake Training is very beneficial to the individuals.

Now we will dive deep to know which cloud database should benefit you, followed by the disadvantages of it.

Cloud databases fit into the same categories, with a clear preference for parallel-first architecture for new devices. Parallelism for scalability and machine expendability are two key characteristics of cloud systems.

Cloud instantiations in the single-system-first category tend to focus on the traditional single-machine product’s managed cost, upgrade, and reliability (RPO/RTO).

One or more native cloud storage systems will frequently be used by parallel-first relational databases. Such storage solutions are always designed in parallel and present a very limited get-object/put-object API, which enables for information partitioning but just not elevated sequential access.

Benefits of cloud databases:

The following are the benefits of cloud databases. They are:

  • You don’t have to worry about the infrastructure because it’s taken care of for you. Deployment, dependability, and management are handled by others in the cloud. The cloud vendor manages all levels of the stacks, from power, application deployment, and hardware through operating system administration and security (from hardening to intrusion detection).
  • Another advantage is that cloud vendors provide a number of standardised integration techniques using third-party Software solutions. As a consequence, the cloud provider takes care of equipment so that you can concentrate on your main business.
  • Productivity. The cloud thrives by making the most of its resources. A cloud system is considerably more likely than just a non-cloud platform to offer resource utilization controls to the database application. The load can be eased out, jobs can be relocated to reduced time windows, and engaging and mission-critical jobs could be prioritized.
  • Of all, cloud companies can benefit from the economies of scale, load sharing, and extremely high utilization ratios. Such scale arguments are enough to persuade you to migrate to the cloud. Not to mention the advantages of relying on the vendor’s knowledge for hardening and intrusion detection.
  • Economics. Aside from the economics of scale and efficiency, cloud suppliers’ accountability systems begin to reveal processing and storage of financial information down to individual request level. This permits the system to make a reasonable business choice regarding the cost-benefit of any given piece of analysis and optimize accordingly.
  • Indeed, the firm may determine that it is simpler using the cloud’s scalability to be larger and more “simple” in how an analysis is constructed instead of investing the effort and intellectual resources to craft a “strong analysis.”

Disadvantages of cloud databases:

The disadvantages of the cloud storage are:

  • A Z-series system, for instance, has a significantly different set of failure zones than the cloud. The cloud, as just a shared platform, is exposed to many more perturbations, and any one of them can result in a loss of interactivity or a momentary task failure. Even the automatic administration by a cloud vendor can occasionally degrade an experience for customers by altering a system’s attributes or behavior.
  • When compared to conventional on-premise systems, most cloud databases are still in their infancy. Cloud databases are lacking in functionality that are included in more mature systems. Some functionalities will never ever be implemented due to the impracticality of a fully distributed, failure-prone platform.
  • The cloud implementation has a significantly different cost curve than on-premises adoption: It is quite simple to increase capacity. Cost management is becoming more difficult because it is so simple. If price is restricted, however, interactive jobs submitted after the cost maximum has been reached may be denied. Traditional database administrators will need to understand a new level of complexity in order to produce a successful implementation.
  • Vendor support is, of fact, almost as common in the cloud as it is anywhere. Moving from on-premises technologies to cloud platforms isn’t any easier.


In the above blog post we had discussed clearly about the cloud databases, benefits and disadvantages. Based on that data and your needs one can choose the best cloud database for their organizations. 

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