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Artificial intelligence, also referred to as machine intelligence, is a subject of computer science that highlights the invention of smart machines that can work independent of humans. This field of science helps machines to interpret external data, understand the data and to implement its learning to achieve specific tasks and goals. Machines gain virtual intelligence that reacts and works like a human brain. They mimic the simple activities of a human like problem solving and learning.

 AI is considered as the next big invention in technology as it has the capabilities to make almost every work human independent. Computers designed with artificial intelligence can perform activities like:

  • Speech recognition 
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem solving

Most of the technology industries rely on artificial intelligence to get the best out of their machines. Research on artificial intelligence is eminently specialized and technical. Artificial intelligence program computers to solve problems that deal with:

  • Reasoning
  • Learning
  • Knowledge
  • Problem solving 
  • Manipulation
  • Perception
  • Planning

We can program machines to understand and percept like human beings if they have adequate information of the real world. Artificial intelligence has access to properties, categories, object and relations among them to establish knowledge engineering. It is a core part of artificial engineering. Initiating problem solving power, reasoning and common sense can get really tough and time-taking as these are basic yet enigmatic qualities of human beings.  Machine learning also falls under the most important subjects of artificial intelligence. Perception of things without supervision requires special ability to comprehend patterns in terms of inputs, while learning with sufficient supervision involves numerical regression and classification. Classification deals with categories of objects, whereas regression deals with discovering functions with the help of numerical inputs and outputs that enables one to generate specified outputs for individual inputs. 

Machine perception involves the capabilities of a machine to utilize sensor inputs in deducing various aspects of the world. Computer vision deals with analyzing visual inputs that include sub-categories like object, gesture and face recognition. Optical character recognition is no longer considered as a part of artificial intelligence as it has become a regular technology. This effect of removal of certain qualities as machines has become intensely capable is called as the AI effect. 

Robotics also falls under the vast subject of Artificial intelligence. Robots are trained to perform activities like humans, which requires the help of AI. They require special intelligence to overcome tasks like object navigation and manipulation, motion planning, localization and mapping. 

Artificial intelligence is incorporated to various fields like automation, machine learning, machine vision, natural language processing, robotics, self-driving cars and much more. 

Companies adopt the findings of artificial intelligence to improvise their techniques and machinery. Artificial intelligence can deduce hardware, staffing and software costs and thus increasing the efficiency of computers and machines. The labor can be cut short as the machine does the same work like a human, that too, with a quicker pace and more efficiency. Hence, most companies replace the ground work done by humans with artificial intelligence. It is the most sought after course ruling the IT industries. 

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