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Mobile application is not an essential part of life. Every day, we perform several different functions via mobile applications without even realizing it. But, their growing importance and popularity have also attracted some threats and hackers towards them.

Statistics about security threats to mobile apps

  • According to a study, 38% of iOS applications and 43% of Android apps are at high-risk of security vulnerability.
  • Another survey conducted in 2020 suggests that 95% of app developers think there is room for improvement in security protocols. These increased security protocols can save the mobile apps from basic hacker attacks.
  • in the same survey, it was found that during the teams at mobile app development agency spent 41% of their total developing time on making the app secure. This proves that make app safe and secure from malicious hackers is not an easy task.


What is mobile app shielding?

Application shields are tools that can protect an iOS or Android mobile apps from any reverse engineering, tampering or malicious threats. With techniques like hardening the application with obfuscation or encryption (and making it impossible to breach) can be helpful.

Why application shielding is important?

With the rise of mobile application usage, the risk of mobile app threats has also increased. Hackers are always looking for vulnerable applications to reverse engineer and tamper. They also seek apps to launch larger malicious malwares.

Mobile application shieling protects your apps against the following:

  • Unauthentic access
  • Malicious codes
  • Credential theft
  • Application cloning
  • IP theft
  • Larger system attacks

Furthermore, application shielding also help in meeting the international regulatory requirements.

Top mobile app protection and shielding tools

Given the above information, it is important to protect your apps and vital information from any misuse. We have created a list of some tools that are great for app protection.

DexGuard and iXGuard

DexGuard is an app protective tool for Android while iXGuard is for iOS platform. The aim for this security tool is to secure your mobile app and SDK. Both the tools have a strong polymorphic code obfuscation that protect the app against static analysis.


Another great app protection tool which offers powerful data encryption, as well as code obfuscation. Appsealing also have RASP feature (run-time application self-protection). You can use this tool to examine and evaluate all hacking attempts against your app using a real-time monitoring dashboard. Appsealing is a post-processing tool that you can incorporate into your CI/CD pipeline, and it also comes with a CLI for easy integration.

Some prominent characteristics of Appsealing RASP are:

  • Real-time source code protection
  • App Integrity protection
  • Anti-debugging
  • Network packet sniffing/spoofing tool detection
  • Cheat tool detection

iOS, Android and React Native are compatible platforms for Appsealing tool.


This mobile app protection tool is also known for offering code obfuscation, data encryption and features like RASP. In addition to security, Appdome also provides optional mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). Both these optional features can help you control how your app performs on company as well as BYOD devices.

Furthermore, Appdome also provides different security features such as:

  • Trojan protection
  • click bot protection
  • root and jailbreak detection

Appdome is available for iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Ionic and Xamarin platforms.


LIAPP is a well-known application protection tool with a set of powerful features like code obfuscation and RASP. This mobile app security solution also prevents hackers from trespassing security measures and provides you with a report on risks found and how they were dealt with. LIAPP is a pipeline-friendly post-processing tool that connects with your CI/CD platforms.

Following are the important features that include in LIAPP protection:

  • Memory protection
  • Anti-tampering
  • Root detection
  • Virtual machine detection

LIAPP security tool is compatible with Android and with enterprise packages, its available for iOS as well. Application Protection

Previously known as Arxan Application protection, Application protection is in linked with the larger platform under which the entire mobile app development lifecycle falls. Like other protection and shielding apps, application also provides strong data encryption with obfuscation and RASP features.

It is compatible with iOS, Android, React Native, Cordova, NativeScript as well as Ionic.


DexProtector is a mobile app protection solution that includes obfuscation, RASP, and communication channel protection in addition to the typical set of functions. Its Crypto Module, on the other hand, is meant to protect apps that use cryptographic logic and securely store their data. In addition, the tool delivers real-time alerting and monitoring for any dangers your app will face, allowing you to stay on top of the threat environment.

This tool can work well for iOS, Android, Xamarin Cordova, Unity, Ionic and React Native platforms.


In conclusion, you need to ask your mobile app development agency to provide application protection. It is not just important for your application, but also necessary to keep your credential and importance information safe and secure.

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