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Tips for Writing E-Commerce Product Descriptions and Best Practices


The e-commerce industry has seen a mammoth growth lately. The main reason behind this phenomenon is the extraordinary involvement of the internet in our everyday lives. Additionally, people don’t have much time to visit shopping malls and retail outlets to purchase products.

Conversely, the existence of online retailers allows them to buy their desired products and merchandise online while enjoying the comfort of their homes and getting them delivered on time. Moreover, they get the opportunity to compare products offered by various retailers and choose the best product and cost-effective deals.

It is worth mentioning that the e-commerce landscape is getting immensely crowded. Retailers who want to stand out from the crowd must do everything possible to avoid becoming a part of the white noise.

An effective strategy to make it possible is understanding the psyche of the targeted audience and providing them with everything they expect from an ideal online retailer. One of the key requirements of an average customer is clear product descriptions. Retailers who fail to ensure them often end up on the losing side. If you are new to ecommerce and want to make as many conversions as possible, then ensuring proper e-commerce product descriptions is essential.

This article discusses a few effective tips and practices in detail to help you make it possible. Further details are given below.

What is a Product Description?

Before learning tips and practice that will help you write standout e-commerce product descriptions, it is essential to understand what they are. So, a product description can be referred to as a marketing copy that allows targeted customers to know everything essential about the product. It describes a product, reflects its value, and helps prospects understand how the item it refers to can solve their problems. Good product descriptions convert prospects and persuade them to purchase by convincing them about the value an item will add to their lives.

How to Write a Great E-Commerce Product Description?

Now that we know what a product description is and which characteristics make it persuasive, it is time to learn a few effective tips and practices to help you understand the method used to write it. Read on to learn more.

  • Speak to Your Targeted Customers

Before writing a product description, remember that this write-up is not for everyone. Hence, write the description while keeping your ideal customers in mind. You must craft a description that perfectly resonates with your targeted audience. Therefore, before writing product descriptions, it is essential to figure out who will be interested in buying your product and formulate the persona of your ideal buyers.

Once you have created the persona, you should consider a few things related to your targeted customers. These things are listed below.

  • Pain points

  • Budget

  • Concerns or objections

  • Demographics

  • Requirements

  • Lifestyle

After knowing all the aforementioned things, writing product descriptions that resonate with your targeted audience will be easier.

  • Showcase Features as Benefits

Another important thing you should remember while crafting e-commerce product descriptions is that your targeted customers are not interested in learning the features of the item offered for sale. Instead, they are interested in learning how a product will benefit them. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid discussing the features while writing a product description.

The secret ingredient that will make your product description stand out and impress the targeted audience is turning the item’s features into benefits. A great way to make shoppers pay attention to features discussed as benefits is to make a list consisting of two columns. The first column tells a feature of the product, and the second one outlines how it will benefit your ideal customers.

  • Leverage Your Storytelling Skills

One key factor that makes marketing copies special and appealing to the targeted audience is the art of telling a story. You won’t get the most out of your marketing copies if you lack storytelling skills. Turning a product description into a story makes it memorable, which leads to higher conversion rates.

You should be able to draw a picture of a character looking for a solution to resolve a problem in their life. By converting the product description into a story, you should showcase the product you are selling as a smart choice for your customers.

  • Beware of Length

No matter how engaging and persuasive your e-commerce product description is, buyers will lose attention if it is too lengthy. The average human attention span has significantly decreased lately. Hence, you should try to keep the product description concise. In our opinion, the ideal word count for a great product description should be 300 to 400 words at max. This word count is enough to help you highlight the features of an item as benefits for the targeted purchasers.

Moreover, you will be able to give your product description the shape of a story in the said word limit.

In case you are unsure about the optimum word count for a product description that fits the requirements of your industry, it is better to perform competitor analysis.

Sometimes, you may find it challenging to reduce the word length of product descriptions; a better way to handle this issue is using a top-notch summarizer. A summarizing tool will analyze the underlying text and reduce its length by eliminating redundancy and fluff. However, it won’t compromise your product descriptions’ original intent and storytelling nature.

  • Ensure Readability and Optimization

In addition to conciseness, you must ensure readability and optimization of product descriptions posted on your e-commerce website. By readability, we don’t mean that you have to make your content so simple that it becomes easily readable for school-going children until they are your ideal customers. You just need to keep the content simple and avoid long blocks of text.

Moreover, it is better to keep the tone casual and include words used in everyday conversations. There is no need to add complex terms or jargon. Doing so will only frustrate your targeted audience.

You must incorporate power-rich keywords in your product descriptions so that their addition doesn’t look awkward. Instead, keywords should fit sentences perfectly so that your content sounds meaningful to your audience, which enables you to get the most out of your product descriptions regarding online exposure. Doing so will help you drive a significantly larger chunk of traffic to your website and generate more conversions.

In the End

Writing perfect e-commerce product descriptions capable of impressing shoppers, persuading them to make purchases, and allowing your website to generate more conversions is not a cakewalk. It requires you to tick various boxes. Those who manage to write product descriptions that perfectly fit the requirements of the targeted audience stand out. Conversely, failing to do so means becoming a part of the white noise. This article has discussed a few effective tips and practices to help you ensure exceptional product descriptions. Hopefully, you will find it useful. We wish you luck with your business!

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