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data.nerds: THE A.I. CRYPTO TRADER


4 thoughts on “data.nerds: THE A.I. CRYPTO TRADER

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    I would like to say that following the Box-Jenkins approach is always a good point to start a predictive modeling. Hence, you’ve done a good choice. Also, even though the summary of findings is brief, I appreciate that you have presented major research results.
    Yet, as I might see, the issue of missing data is not addressed, it is rather tacked in a way by conversion onto hourly basis. However, some dates and times are absent in the sample set, I mean the date vector is incomplete, and even if you decide to change the sampling rate, the latter problem is still unresolved. Consequently, I might advise (mainly from the point of consideration your future work as analysts) the following: Every sound analysis starts with investment of significant time and efforts in the process of data prep.

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    I don’t see any data prep and clean. How did you deal with the missing values?
    Also your code is unreadable, you don’t have any plots, and this does not really seems like article. You could update it with .ipynb file or html directly to the site.

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