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Datathon Air Sofia Solution – Telelink Televised by Teleloonies


4 thoughts on “Datathon Air Sofia Solution – Telelink Televised by Teleloonies

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    I am thoroughly amused by your “radial” approach – occasionally, we don’t need fancy packages & many dependencies, just regular old math does the trick. Go big or go home :)!

    Good exploratory analysis so far. If i understand correctly, this is performed on the entire pooled dataset?

    Would be good to see some quantified indicators of agreement between official/citizen science stations & for meteo influence on any differences. Also, please do make sure to note how you define “closest to official” – not at trivial issue 🙂

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    I like that you’ve included a section on utilized Technology and Methods 🙂

    The aim in the Business Understanding section is stated clearly.

    The Data Understanding section outlines well the key characteristics of the available datasets. Probably merging the official and the citizen datasets at the very beginning of the research consumed too much of your time for data prep. Application of several filtering rules prior to merging datasets might have helped.

    Modeling: the presented graph and the bullets of findings below it are a promising beginning. Looking forward to reading your full paper!

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