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Datathon Sofia Air Solution – Team Duckelicious Case Telelink


3 thoughts on “Datathon Sofia Air Solution – Team Duckelicious Case Telelink

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    Hi! Good to see your progress, looking forward to seeing the end-result. Some comments in the interim:

    – In the 1st table (official stations #observations), note that gaps in Mladost and Orlov most are due to the fact that the latter station is currently out of operation. Mladost is the station that replaced it. Hence, some of the ‘data gaps’ you see are not gaps per-se.
    – Good to focus on data quality and gaps – make sure to show this in the final write-up!
    – When filling missing values for citizen science stations – there perhaps some stations which lack many measurements. How do you fill missing values there? Or perhaps I am misunderstanding and you are simply filling in the missing timestamps with NaNs?

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    Working with data for 2018 only is a good solution so as to deliver more quickly consistent representation. Also, focusing on one main station is a good choice with respect to the timing of the task. I like the presented maps. I would like to see at least part of your code.

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