Security on the Internet: Preventing Hackers

In what public location did you most recently find Wi-Fi? Access to the internet via mobile device is now available at almost every establishment, including libraries, airports, and hotels. If you haven’t taken precautions to secure your data, hackers in the region could gain access to the information on your phone. Some suggestions for you to prevent this problems:

1. Never enter sensitive financial information when using a public Wi-Fi network

No matter how obvious it seems, a surprising number of people use public Wi-Fi to do things like check their bank accounts or make purchases. Doing so on a secure connection is recommended.

2. Disable any devices that are not essential

Your location, data, and connection are all vulnerable to hackers who exploit specific phone features. Turn on your GPS, wireless connection, and geo-tracking capabilities when you need them, rather than leaving them on all the time.

3. Make smart app selections

Be wary about installing programs from unknown sources unless they have a solid reputation. Always utilize the most recent versions of your software and remove any unused apps from your device.

4. Passwords, lock codes, or encryption should be used

Never use the auto-complete option for passwords; instead, use strong passwords that are at least eight characters long, mixed case, and contain digits and other characters. To keep sensitive information safe, encrypt your phone’s storage and configure screen timeout to be five minutes or less.

5. Exercise caution while dealing with attachments and links

Never click on a link or open an attachment from an unknown source.

6. Make a copy or remove the copy

If you want to avoid losing or having your data taken from your mobile device, get it encrypted. Your device has the option to lock itself after a certain amount of unsuccessful login attempts.

Hopefully some of the tips above will help you somewhat in the current era of technological development!

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