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Datathon Telenor Solution – Ravens for Communication

It is a very well known fact that Exploratory Data Analysis is cornerstone of Data Analysis.
On the analysis of data it is evident that Brass Raven Birdy as the most failed and the Metallic Raven Sunburst Polly is the most successful raven. Also Targeryan family has the most Raven fails whereas Baelish family has the least failures,and among the family of Baelish, Peter Baelish has the most failure rate and Euron has the least failures.
ARIMA model is used for predicting the number of failures for the next 4 days.


One thought on “Datathon Telenor Solution – Ravens for Communication

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    Hey guys, great work!
    If I understand correctly, you’ve used ARIMA on the total failure (from all columns), correct? It will be nice to detail it a bit more in the article.
    Also, which other forecasting methods would you consider using? Which of the features are the most prune for causing raven-delivery failure? or in other words – how would you reason your prediction results?
    Consider writing which further actions would you recommend the family to take, in order to maximize delivery (which failures should they focus on fixing)

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