My Honest Review after using it for 3+ months

AI tools for enhancement

Poetry is a unique art form that uses words to evoke emotions, create imagery, and express ideas in a concise and creative way. It’s like music or art, but with language. 

Poets choose their words carefully to create images, express feelings, and tell stories. They use techniques like rhyme, rhythm, and symbolism to make their poems sound beautiful and have deeper meanings.

As Robert Frost said,

 “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

A poet’s challenge is to blend creativity with technique to convey feelings and thoughts. By using careful word choice and rhythm, poets transform ordinary language into something creative that helps the reader in catharsis. Poetry can be about anything: love, nature, memories, or even just a moment in time. 

AI tools for enhancement

Being a poet, I experienced that sometimes it is very difficult to structure thoughts precisely and it affects your career. Readers always require perfection and accuracy in poetry that amuse them. 

The use of AI tools for enhancement and to boost productivity is not considered wrong. These tools assist while facing issues like time management, writer block and limitation of vocabulary etc. 

One of my friends suggested for my ease. I decided to give it a try. It generates poems very accurately and efficiently. I was amazed to see the usage of synonyms and rhymes in the poems. 

It’s been three months, I am still using this generator and enjoying its features. It saves me time and helps me a lot. 

Now, in this review article, I share my perceptions regarding the AIpoem-generator.

AI poem generator

AI poem generator is an online tool based on artificial intelligence designed to help users create poems in a proficient and creative manner. It uses advanced algorithms to make poems based on prompts or topics. It’s easy to use and helps people to create poetry without being expert poets themselves.

The interface of this generator is user-friendly. There is no need for techniques or learning to run the tool. It allows you to enter the topic within the 50-word count on which you want to generate the poem. This tool offers you the ability to choose length and level of creativity. The poem-generator follows effective rhyming patterns and synonyms. 


Here are some of the features of this generators are as follow;

1. Easy to use 

This tool is very easy to use. Just navigate the tool and use it. After writing the topic, it generates the output quickly and simply. 

2.Rhyme Scheme Options

It allows you to work on various rhyme schemes, such as ABAB, AABB, or free verse. This poem creator helps you structure the poem in traditional or modern style.

3. Customizable Theme Selection

This tool offers different themes of poems, like love, nature, sadness, or celebration. The AI poetry writer adjusts vocabulary, tone, and style to match the theme, making the poem more expressive and coherent.

4. Free to use

The AIpoem-generator is free to use. There is no need for a subscription and to sign in. 

5. Adjustable Line Length

With this feature, users can control the length of each line in their poem. It allows you to adjust length like short, punchy lines or long, this feature helps to generate more engaging and accurate poems. 

Let’s test how it works.

Firstly, navigate the site and then start using it. Just write the topic or prompt in the dialog box.

Select the option “Generate Poem”

It shows the output quickly and properly according to your instructions. This tool allows you to directly download the generated response. 

Other tools

The AIpoem-generator offers sub tools that deal in specific domains. Each tool works according to its specification in writing styles or patterns

These tools are:

  • Acrostic Poem Maker
  • Haiku poem generator 
  • Sonnet Writer
  • Love Poem Generator
  • Limerick Creator 
  • Concrete Poem Writer
  • Online Free Verse Poem Maker 

 Pros and cons of AI poem generator

Following are some of the pros and cons of this generator according to my perception. 


  • User friendly interface
  • Quick and accurate responses
  • Easy to navigate and use 
  • No subscription
  • Customization 
  • Time saver 
  • Boost productivity 


  • Speed issue 
  • Ambiguous output


This amazing tool is free to use. It saves me time as well as money. All the features and sub tools work proficiently without paying a single penny. 


By concluding all of the discussion above, it is right to say that this tool is an asset for poets and writers. is a valuable tool for individuals looking to explore poetry creation with the assistance of AI. It provides a user-friendly experience with a variety of prompts and themes, making it suitable for both beginners and poetry enthusiasts. 

Over three months of using the tool, I’ve found it to be simple to use, with a variety of prompts and themes that cater to different creative needs. It’s particularly beneficial for beginners or those looking to explore poetry without extensive writing experience. 

I highly recommend this tool to enhance the quality and boost the productivity of poets and writers.

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