Mission (im)possible – work from home and taking care of the kids ?


Recently the whole world went  through the global COVID19 lockdown and faced #stayathome situation – some countries for shorter period, others – for longer.

One way or another, this was a good chance to “restart” and “re-charge” from the  busy world we live in.

For better or worse, many parents faced the challenge to combine both work from home and taking care of their children. While we receive many many “top” advises for what to do and what to leave it be, we – as a society – choose to take the realistic side. Each of us is unique by his own way, so everyone has to find his own “comfort zone” – or to find a way to cross it and challenge one’s self?

For all the data enthusiasts, we can say – take the chance for a change!

Find out how to capture your (kid’s) interest – What grabs your attention? What grabs your kid’s attention? Is it valuable , or just a waste of time? How can you switch things, so that you can take what is most valuable for both of you? Those, and many other question have popped up around the globe recently. But what are the correct answers? If you ask us – there is no right or wrong. Find out how to combine both!

  • Situation#1  – if your kid loves  playing the game – “go for shopping” –  make a small supermarket at home with what you have available, and carefully see how the products are arranged. Isn’t it an opportunity to consider a new model for better sales to the retailers? Do you need the prices? What is  the best way to expose the products in the store? While considering the details, check our challenge case for Datathon 2020 …. build your solution along with strengthening the relationship with the smallest  members of the family!
  • Situation #2 –  let’s play a game….a computer game! Quite a nice experience, but do adults have enough time for it? Probably in most cases the answer is no. Toss the coin and think of a way how to be with your kid and at the same time – do your job. As a data enthusiast, can you create a bot to play the game for you? Datathon 2020 challenges you to do so – check our case here!
  • Situation #3 – you enjoy reading books together ? or maybe articles? once you finish one, you have this specific feeling – oh, I want to read something similar but do not have a heading in mind – then trust the data models and create your own algorythm to guide you! Check our challenge here
  • Situation # 4 – geography is your thing! Nature, unlimited boundaries, information so different  and interesting …..while sharing some great spots nature gave us, put a thought and share how to improve predictions for natural resources! Once children go to sleep, open our case and write down your best solution.
  • Situation #5 – you have grown-up children – enough to be in love with numbers and prices, but also too little to be left alone? Then play a monopoly together, calculate prices, convert different currencies….and at the end of the day sit down and put your thoughts for a model which predicts the price auction in the next up to 15 minutes. Imagine that this Monopoly actually kicks you up to winning Datathon 2020!

Those, and many other cases can be mapped. Also advises. And solutions. And problems, And difficulties. But following your passion, you would know the best exit out of it.

We could have listed out the smartest notes on how to cope with the #stayathome working parents. Instead, we decided to give a hint and motivate you to reach out and cross your own limits. To find the one work-life balance that suits you. Because building ourselves and the relationship with our family will be still important, even when the world goes back to normal.

Think in perspective… and register for our #Datathon 2020!


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