Meetup Speakers – Guidelines


Meetups are an integral part of our Data Science Society knowledge sharing pillars.

They are regular events that usually happen once in a month and it happens as a physical meeting locally with a digital presence (through streaming/recording).ย The MeetUps have up to 2 speakers with expertise and knowledge on different topics aligned with Data Science. The presentations mainly happen on the premise, but there is a possibility to be done online as well.

Before the Meetup

  • We use the Data Chat and the email for communication and for arranging suitable date and topics
  • Tell us on which dates you are free (usually, we do our meetups on Tuesdays)
  • Give us your preferred topic to talk for, including a brief, a personal photo, and a short biography as soon as possible
  • Send us your presentation at least 2 days before the talk
  • Share the Meetup with your network ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Provide an email and a telephone contact
  • Send us up to 3 questions for the audience related to the content you presented

During the Meetup

  • Be 15 min earlier on the location
  • Let us know if you need a laptop for your presentation if you haven’t one
  • Install obs on your laptop; it’s used for the screen recording, especially in the case of a demo
  • Be aware that we are going to stream &/or record the talk for our audience
  • The opening of the event is done by the Data Science Society for 5 min
  • The presentations must be in English because most of our audience is international
  • Your screen will be shared via HDMI to the wall for the people in the room. ( please inform us in advance if you don’t have an HDMI port) *
  • We use microphones during the presentations, you will be given one as well.
  • The recommended length of a presentation is about 25-30 minutes depending on the number of speakers **

* In case you are presenting online, Hangouts video call (on an installed Google Chrome browser) will be scheduled and you should use the screen share option.

** Example breaking of the presentation structure and duration could be:

  • Speaker’s intro (5%)
  • Problem introduction (15%)
  • Research on the topic (15%)
  • Solution & Technical Demo – used models, visualization, results[accuracy] (50% )
  • Lessons learned [Summary] (15%)
  • Time for questions (max. 15 minutes)

After the Meetup

  • Send us the obs video, recorded on your laptop*
  • Give us your feedback

* The video recordings will be linked with the presentation citing you as the author and shared on SlideShare.


If you are interested to present something in the field of Data Science at our MeetUps, please contact us at [email protected] or write to us directly at our contact form

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