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machine learning course in hyderabad

Our machine learning course will help you skyrocket in your Artificial Intelligence career with the twin engines of Python and R programming. Join our Machine Learning using Python and R program and learn to script winning Machine Learning algorithms in Python and R. Use Python and R to enable regression analysis and to build predictive models. Orient yourself with Black Box techniques like Neural Networks and SVM in the best machine learning course in Hyderabad.


This machine learning course is structured to impart machine learning skills using the two most popular programming languages Python and R. This course enables the student to perform Data Wrangling, Data Cleansing and Data Mining (Supervised and Unsupervised) on structured and unstructured data. Python and R can be used as statistical software to develop regression analysis algorithms and other statistical computations in machine learning. Apprehend different machine learning algorithms like Black Box techniques, Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines. The student can build prediction models with Amazon Machine Learning Services in the best machine learning course in Hyderabad. Present reports to management with Data Visualization software Tableau.

-Become familiar with analyzing data, computing statistical measures along with Data Wrangling, Data Cleansing, Data Manipulation, etc.

-Become familiar with Machine Learning algorithms including Black Box techniques such as Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine
-Become familiar with Regression algorithms and the application of Python, R as statistical software in Machine Learning and Data Science

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