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Learn Python Programming Course Online With WebTek Labs

Machine Learning has enabled businesses to analyze the purchase history of a customer and understand a person’s purchasing behavior. This allows to create efficient customer segmentation and enhance the possibility of conversions.


In the Python programming course, you will learn the fundamentals of Python programming language, along with programming best practices. Python is an object-oriented high-level programming language with dynamic interpretation. It has combined with dynamic typing, in-built high-level data structures, and dynamic binding to help developers develop strong application development. It is easy and straightforward to learn. WebTek Labs is offering live online interactive sessions. There will be a particular query solving session. Moreover, you will get career counseling from an experienced industrialist. Apart from this, you will get a globally recognized certificate with Google and Oracle Partners Logo.

It can operate at a higher level than normal data analysis processes. The capability to learn and analyze real-time data can benefit organizations to optimize their services and marketing campaigns adequately, commencing to higher conversion and revenue rates.

Improve medical diagnosis and predictions

Machine learning has already demonstrated that it can give a higher rate of effective diagnosis and predictions than the techniques that are in current use. It can analyze through an enormous number of patient records and discover underlying data. This can lead to better clinical help at pocket-friendly costs.

Customer-based product recommendation

In this present time, customers drive product development rather than products. With machine learning assistance, one can understand what customers need by distinguishing the behavior pattern assembled by a similar product type. This way, companies can motivate customers to buy by providing better recommendations.

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