Join the Data Science epicenter in Belgrade this September!

Data Science Conference is the biggest conference dedicated to data science and related fields in South Eastern Europe. Data Science Conference / 4.0 will be held on 18th and 19th of September 2018 in Hyatt Regency Belgrade.

The Conference will gather more than a 1000 attendees from all around the world. Last year it gathered data scientist and data enthusiasts from 19 different countries!

Data Science is one of the fastest growing fields today and topics covered this year include Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Intelligence and even Data Science in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Big names such as Hadley Wickham, Chief Data Scientist at RStudio and speakers from Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, BMW, A1 Telekom Austria and many, many more are joining the Conference this year.

The Conference will bring together more than 25 data science communities from 15 countries in Europe. You may find data scientist from London, Hamburg, Vienna, as well as from Zagreb, Istanbul or Tel Aviv.

In addition to talks that you’ll be able to attend, Data Science Conference includes exclusive Technical Tutorials and Workshops. Technical tutorials are set of lectures and hands-on sessions giving attendees instruction how to use certain tool and/or library. They will be organised as a pre-Conference event with 10 tutorials held in 3 days. The goal of Workshops is to create or solve some part of the data related problem or challenge. The Workshops will happen during the Conference. Moreover, a business side of the event is being introduced this year and consisting of technical solutions presentations.

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