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1. Overview of IBM Watson Data Platform

IBM Watson Data Platform brings together data management, governance, preparation, and analysis capabilities into a common framework. The platform integrates IBM Data Science Experience, IBM Data Catalog, and IBM Data Refinery. Watson Data Platform also integrates a wide range of IBM Cloud services and connections to cloud and on-premises data stores. You can index, discover, and govern data with Data Catalog, refine and prepare the data with IBM Data Refinery, then organize resources to analyze the same data with Data Science Experience.

Watson Data Platform integrated experiences

The Watson Data Platform apps are fully integrated to use the same user interface and framework. You can pick whichever apps you need for your organization.

IBM Data Refinery

IBM Data Refinery is a self-service data preparation client for data scientists, data engineers, and business analysts. With it, you can quickly transform large amounts of raw data into consumable, quality information that’s ready for analytics.

Data Science Experience

Data Science Experience (DSX) provides you with the environment and tools to solve your business problems by collaboratively analyzing data. This illustration shows how the architecture of DSX is centered around the project. A project is how you organize your resources for solving a business problem.

Shows DSX architecture, as described in the text.

Data Catalog

Data Catalog provides a secure enterprise catalog management platform that is supported by a governance framework. A catalog connects data with the people who need to analyze it. The governance framework ensures that data access is compliant with your business rules.

Watson cognitive APIs

Watson on the IBM Cloud allows you to integrate the world’s most powerful AI into your application and store, train and manage your data in the most secure cloud.

2. Register to WDP tools

To create a Watson Data Platform account, begin by signing up for one or more of these applications. After you sign up you can add the other applications at any time from within Watson Data Platform.

Sign up at link:

Step by step tutorial:

Video on how to register:

4. Getting started with WDP tools

Welcome to IBM Data Science Experience (DSX).

To get started:

  1. Set up a project to organize your resources.
  2. Add collaborators to your project.
  3. Add data to your project.
  4. Optional: Add analytical services like IBM Streaming Analytics or Watson Machine Learning.
  5. Start analyzing data. For example, you can create notebooks, use RStudio, create streams flows or machine learning flows.

Need inspiration? Click the Community button to explore curated data sets, sample notebooks, articles, and tutorials, both to learn from and to use as starting points.

Welcome to IBM Data Refinery:

Watch these short videos to learn how to:

5. General introduction. ( Video, URLs, Articles)

Further best practices and tutorials are available at:

6. Tutorials on additional tools – image processing, unstructured text, etc.? (Videos, URLs, Articles)

Further best practices and tutorials are available at:

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