How To Setup Forex Trading For Mobile Smartphone Devices

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Mobile devices play a vital role for Forex traders who wishes to constantly get updated with the trading activities in their account(s). While a VPS is necessary for 24/7 Forex Trading operation, traders would still need to frequently access the VPS portal to get updated information of their trading activities. This is where Mobile Trading comes handy.
Mobile devices like Smartphones, iPads,  Blackberry, iPhones, Tablet PCs, e.t.c comes with micro processing power enough to enable Forex trading on a mobile device. This makes them indispensable as they enable traders to keep up with their accounts anywhere, anytime as long as the necessary network connection is available. The amazing thing about these mobile trading devices is that virtually every tool & display functions you find on the trade platforms on the computer laptops or desktops can be found in these mobile devices.
Important Precautions on Mobile Trading Devices
  1. The larger the screen the better the visual display.
  2. Pick a mobile device with a faster processor, and open source operating system like android iOS.
  3. Look out for mobile devices with auto screen orientation positioning features.
  4. Multiple network capability (GSM, 3G, 4G, WiFi, HSPA, e.t.c.) should be a priority.
  5. Look out for strong authentication security features. Mobile devices are susceptible to theft, and data loss so it should have strong security/backup features.
  6. It is safer to dedicate a spare mobile device for Forex trading. In other words it should be separated from your usual mobile handset device.
iPhone/iPad Mobile Device
Mobile trading applications are designed as apps in Apple’s mobile devices like iPhones & iPads. The MetaTrader 4 App can be found on Apple’s App Store, and can be downloaded through Apple’s download utility called iTunes to your iPhone or iPad mobile device.
Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Also optimized for iPhone 5.
Use the direct download through the App Store on your Mobile Device or download iTunes to your computer and download the MetaTrader App, which you can transfer to your mobile device through the iTunes utility on the computer.
Android Mobile Device
Google’s Android OS comes with extensively rich features, which is widely accepted by major mobile device and tablet PC manufacturers. MetaTrader 4 App can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store App website.
Last update December 28, 2013 to version 400.506. Requires OS 2.1 upwards. Check your phone manufacturer’s guide for compatibility issues.
You need a Google Play Store App account to get access to the download/install. Samsung Galaxy Mobile Devices & Tablets are better in terms of speed, graphics & processor power.
Pocket PCs (PDAs)
This is specially designed for Pocket PC Devices with Windows Mobile OS. The Windows GUI design makes it easy to use due to the same functions you’ll find on the normal Windows desktop computer.
Windows OS 2002 and higher. Windows CE 3.0.
Ensure your PDAs or Windows Mobiles are constantly updated with the latest Windows OS for performance issues. Nokia Lumia comes with better functions and hardware resources for Mobile Trading. However tablet Windows OS would perform better in terms of wider graphics and processor power
Mobile Smartphone Edition (SE)
The Smartphone Edition (SE) is specially designed for Windows Mobile Smartphone Devices, which is the predecessor of Windows Phone. Its generally supported by
Smartphone, Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphones and higher.
We recommend sticking with the 2003 or 2004 versions and brands of Windows Mobile Smartphones to enable compatibility sustenance until Metaquotes announces updates for higher brands, and versions.
A mobile device would always keep you informed of the current events on your trading account irrespective of your location. You can also perform trading operations at any time.

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