Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing has an upper hand. It has the ability to use data science to create better marketing campaigns tailor-fit for audiences. And when it comes to online advertising, SEO is an efficient and effective tactic that makes use of data science to succeed. But how can SEO and data science work together?

Read on as we tell you what data science is and how to use it to improve your SEO strategy.


Data science involves inter-disciplinary practices that use algorithms, processes, systems, and scientific methods to gather insights on different channels. In marketing, data science is used to gather insights about your website or consumer behavior.

This way, marketers and entrepreneurs can improve their website’s overall performance or marketing campaigns. Data science also pertains to analyzing customer behavior and upcoming trends. This is done through machine learning.

Machine learning is the system that is behind artificial intelligence. It entails gathering data exchanged over the internet and applying it onto the system. In marketing, this is extremely crucial to cater to user intent.

Any startup, small business, corporation, or creative advertising agency can make use of data science to improve their SEO.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization entails the use of well-researched keywords to rank on the first pages of search engines.

1. Use the right tools

First, data science needs the help of a myriad of online tools for gathering aggregated data. As marketers, you have the power to choose which tools are helpful for your SEO strategy. The first and most commonly used tool for analytics is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is used to measure the success of your website if it’s optimized for SEO.

Another tool you can use is Google Search Console. Since mobile optimization is vital for your website’s performance, you can use this tool to check your site’s mobile-friendliness factor. Another tool that’s also useful in data science is a tool that checks the keyword volumes, average monthly searches, and overall competitiveness.

This will allow you to jot down keywords that are relevant in today’s or upcoming trends. Knowing which keywords to rank will make your content present in search engines.

2. Align aggregated data with SEO goals

With SEO, you want to conduct extensive keyword research to rank your content online. However, you also need to know which keywords are already ranking in your industry. One way to do this is to stalk the competition. Try visiting your competitors’ websites. Then enter their URLs into tools such as UberSuggest to know what keywords they’re ranking for.

You can sift through their high-ranking keywords and jot down the most relevant keywords. Then you can create content around these keywords. Always align the gathered information from your competitors and audiences with your SEO goals. This way, you’ll scale your content and website successfully.

3. Prioritize accuracy in data analysis

Although you have the help of analytics tools, you have to ensure that you practice accuracy at all times. This way, it’ll make sure that you read the data properly and apply the data accordingly as well. One wrong misunderstanding can be the death of your entire marketing strategy.

4. Conduct regular A/B testing

Even though useful data is handed out to marketers on a silver platter, you still need to test how effective your marketing campaigns are. You can do this through A/B testing. Also known as “split testing,” this is the process of testing one variable at a time to know which variable appeals more to specific audiences.

It’s important to never test more than one variable so you’ll know exactly what piques your audience’s interest.


Data science and SEO undoubtedly work in tandem to bring brands the best marketing conversions. And with the help of online tools and analytical skills, marketers can improve SEO strategies through gathered information on customer behavior and well-performing websites.


Eliza Brooks is an informative content writer who is passionate about writing on digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and more. She is currently working with Treasure Valley SEO, the leading creative advertising agency in Idaho.

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