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How Is Augmented Reality Transforming the Real Estate Industry?

AR technology is altering the Real Estate sector, and this type of technology was required in the Real Estate and construction industries immeasurably. Did you ever think of buying a property or house without visiting the location many times?

Now, you can see the property, nearby areas, and inside-out view of the house online before buying it, and it’s all because of AR technology. As per real estate app development company, from smart cities to smart homes, AR is improving living standards, saving time, and making buying and selling convenient.

Let’s explore the below write-up to know more about AR.

Why Does Real Estate Industry Need AR Technology?

Since the Pandemic outbreak happen, the Real Estate market is the one that faced the most losses. The sector was almost shut down because people were not coming out to buy property due to the contagious disease Covid-19 and losses in jobs and businesses.

Inventory of homes decreased by almost 17% in April 2020 compared to the last year. Moreover, the Home-Showing was down by 40% compared to the same period in 2019.

But, AR technology came across as a blessing in disguise and revolutionalized this sector. Agents can show how the home will look after construction better with AR 3D and take the buyer on a virtual tour of the home. It helps the buyers to visualize the house effectively.

Moreover, you can check the property online, know the nearby locations, visualize your home on that property, and know effectively about the objects and locations with AR information overlay. The safety of the workers at the construction site has been a major issue. Now workers can use AR wearables and know about the possibilities of the risks and reduce the harm.

Likewise, the workers can use smart Helmets integrated with AR and AI technologies to get instant feedback. So, Real Estate needs AR technology immensely.

Top 7 Uses of AR in the Real Estate Industry

We have categorized the uses of AR in Real Estate for better understanding. There are many uses of AR technology with other technologies like AI, VR, and IoT. Some of the vital uses are presented in the space below.

  • Information Overlay of Real-Life Objects:

Augmented reality is improving the user experience with an information overlay of real-life objects. When you are searching for a place using your phone, the AR can show you the location by adding some sort of explanatory data so that you can find the place easily.

Not only pointing the places but also AR is helpful to show you the information in the video, like who is acting and surrounding things. In the same way, you can know about the property, house, or building you are going to buy with information overlay of real objects.

  • Digital Object Creation:

The construction team can create digital objects and visualize how the real object will look after completed. You can create completely digital objects and understand the look or improve the object.

There are many chances of mistakes in the real estate field, so using AR technology can reduce them. Moreover, with the help of digital objects, you can get an idea of real objects and work on improving them without actual construction.

  • Design Staging:

Design staging is an important concept in the Real estate industry. It is crucial because you can showcase the home’s best assets. Moreover, sell quickly by impressing the buyers. If you are a seller, you must stag your property so that you can give an amazing experience to the buyers and attract more customers.

For example- you are showing a kitchen architecture to a buyer, but there are just walls in the kitchen, so nothing attractive. If you showcase the kitchen’s best assets in real time using AR, the buyer can visualize the kitchen better.

  • Enhancement of Real-Life Objects:

Image enhancement is relevant in Real Estate because of several reasons. You can showcase the property to the buyer effectively and even help him to visualize different things on the property. Real estate photo enhancement reduces the blemishes and shows a clear picture. 

Moreover, you can know about the finer details of the property with the enhancement of real-life objects. Furthermore, you can find out whether there is space or not for the enhancement of the objects.

For example, you want a big dining table in your house, but you are not sure if it will fit or not. In this case, the enhancement of real-life objects can help you.

  • Construction Assistance:

What needs to construct and where AR apps are proving helpful in assisting the same? VR technology is also helpful to know about the construction possibilities on the site. There are many wearables used by workers on site that help them in various stages of construction. From planning to realistic 3D modeling, AR offers various construction assistance. So, before a single brick has been laid, you can decide what to do, how, and what will be the final design.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Navigation:

Wearable trackers, smart helmets, and watches are effectively used with AR technology on site. The workers can navigate the indoor and outdoor ways and reach the place in a short time. Moreover, know about the particular places with AR navigation technology. Wayfinding in construction sites has become easy with this technology. Many AR development companies build highly accurate, scalable indoor and outdoor navigation for businesses.

  • Sales Support:

AR technology uses are not only transforming the work on construction sites but also making buying and selling easy and effective. AR improves customer satisfaction and drives sales. Likewise, the AR market can reach $198 billion in 2025. You can show houses with the help of 3D tours, street views, or virtual tours. The customer doesn’t need to go to the location repeatedly, instead, he can take a look at the house, its surroundings, and streets online with the help of AR technology.

So, AR technology is proving helpful in many ways for the Real Estate industry, and soon you can see the more common uses of AR in this sector. There are many AR apps available for the Real Estate industry.  

Top AR Applications in Real Estate Industry

AR apps make the work of realtors, brokers, workers, sellers, and buyers easy and fast. There are many good AR apps available in the market. Some of them are mentioned below, have a look.


  • Vera:

Vera transforms buildings into intelligent environments. The digital twin functionality helps to digitally reconstruct the building from the inside out and uses three-dimensional visualization for the same. These types of apps are very useful, which is why many businesses want the best real estate app development company for their projects.


  • Real AR:

As the name implies, you can see real kinds of pictures of homes and buildings using the RealAR app. It is a great app for users as they visualize the work of the architect and understand how the home will look. You can simply go to the place where you want construction and use the app to see the AR image of the building. Likewise, you can know how the building will in this particular location.


  • Magic Plan:

It’s a great app for interior and architecture designers because they can plan and edit floor plans, view space in 3D, plan DIY projects, and furnish a home. Different types of businesses can use this app. Professionals from Architecture, interior designers, furniture realtors, and home inspectors can use this app.


  • AirMeasure:

AirMeasure is amazing, and using it gives an experience of a fancy app. It measures corners, edges, straight lines, and others. You have to follow the simple guide to use it. Moreover, it’s easy to use and provides clear information. You can enjoy the app thus, the feedback for the app is very positive, so the rating is 4.5.


  • Curate by Sotheby’s:

Buyers can visualize the spaces to know how they will look once the building is ready. When realtors think of using new space, they face issues and can’t decide how to use the space. In this case, Curate by Sotheby’s app comes. Moreover, the buyers can make decisions regarding interior design with the help of the AR app Curate by Sotheby’s.


  • Astralink:

Astralink is still in a demo phase but can help construction workers immensely. The construction workers can visualize what the finished work will look like using this AR technology app. Likewise, they can visualize plan floor construction and understand what the final piece will look like. So, it can be a helpful app to reduce errors in construction.


  • Safety Compass:

Safety at construction sites is a major topic and the safety of workers is an unavoidable matter. The Safety Compass app offers features that you can use to be safe while at the construction site. Workers can receive safety information using the app and even visualize it to eliminate risk quickly and effectively.


  • AR Ki:

This app showcases Architectural projects in Augmented Reality for the location you want. It is currently used for only Bespoke projects but soon will be used for other Real Estate projects. You can use spatial exploration in this app. Moreover, it’s the best pick for clean design communication.

What Is the Cost of AR Real Estate App Development?

The use of AR technology in apps and websites makes them popular quickly and gives a better user experience. Various businesses want to enrich their apps with this amazing technology, so they want to hire augmented reality developers. But, AR app development can be costly. AR app development costs around $20,000-$50,000, but this is for simple apps.

If you want innovative features, the price can go beyond $50,000-$120,000. However, from established to startups all types of businesses are attracted to this technology. It is because the number of AR users is increasing rapidly. AR active users worldwide are expected to grow to 1.1 billion in 2022.


Real Estate is an extremely competitive market, and not going hand in hand with technology can slow your pace of earning revenue in this sector. So, AR can be a savior because you can provide convenience to the users and help them to buy the best home for them, rent houses, know prices, sell and buy properties, and many more things.

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