Global Datathon 2.0 – The Worldwide Virtual Data Science Hackathon with Hosts in Asia and Europe

Data Science Society is proud to announce the second edition of the worldwide online Datathon – #GlobalDatathon2018 – a 48-hours Data Science Hackathon for all data passionates to explore real-world challenges and learn from practice working together with like-minded people and mentors globally.

Global Datathon 2018

This September get ready for a fall Datathon – an initiative of Data Science Society which is happening online and in several locations around the world between 28th of September to 30th of September!

The Society has developed a specially tailored platform for the data nerds to communicate before and during the challenge while sharing ideas on solutions and teaming up. The participants will have the opportunity to work in collaboration with mentors and industry experts from leading data-driven companies such as Telenor, SAP, Kaufland, Telelink on their cases enriched with real data sets.

Compete on site from Asia, Europe and virtually from all around the world

The Datathons are expanding rapidly starting with participants from 24 countries and one Data Hub in February to reaching people from more than 50 countries. This time being hosted in Bulgaria, India and Austria while the hosts in London and Croatia will be announced soon as well. For all Data Scientists, there is still an opportunity to participate virtually but the chance to compete with teams on site is even more appealing! The Society’s Data Hubs are welcoming the most passionate Datathoners to join the competition physically in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University in Bulgaria, the Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Manipal ProLearn – Data Science in the South Bangalore Campus in India, the Algebra Univeristy College in Croatia, We are developers and WU Executive Academy, Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria. Keep in mind that more hosts to be announced in the following days! The only requirements for the participants are to power up their laptop and come with the determination to build the best data models and improve their Data Science knowledge!

The Data Science challenges to be solved

The Global Datathon is open for data science students coming fresh out of college as well as experienced experts with different backgrounds and data science skills. This time Telenor, Kaufland, and Telelink are preparing exciting big data challenges covering topics in different domains such as communication engineering, internet of things, environmental issues such as air pollution and more. Stay tuned because there are more cases to come! At the end of the Hackathon, the most devoted participants will have their machine learning and predictive analytics skills improved and will be able to brag about their Jupyter notebooks and scientific articles with real solutions to a data problem.

The Mentorship during the Datathon

Internationally renowned experts and mentors will help all data scientists, mathematicians, data analytics experts, software engineers, and data enthusiasts to develop their best versions of data models. Which will be the winning solution? There will be a video stream of the finalists’ presentation which is available to all people who raise their hand to get notifications.  

Data Science Society

The Data Science Society is a volunteer organization open for all people passionate about cracking patterns and getting insights from data. The society has been building a global network of individuals, mentors, organizations, partners and data-driven companies with the support of its sponsors from A Data Pro, Telelink, Receipt Bank and WorldQuant.

Get ready for the biggest worldwide Datathon – book your place from one of our Data Hubs or online before the 24th of September!

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